Paradox Live Anime Debuts Next Year! Teaser, Release Date & More To Know

paradox live anime

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There are Kpop bands, and there are also Jpop bands. But have you heard about Paradox Live Anime yet? AVEX and GCREST media project Paradox Live celebrates its third anniversary this weekend. The anniversary also comes with a big news drop that will have fans screaming in excitement! The upcoming Paradox Live anime has its teaser visual released. The project will also be getting an anime adaptation. Check out more about the plot and details of this anime below.

Further details about Paradox Live anime are currently being awaited. However, there have been a few projects that have been mentioned. How exciting are these projects going to be? What can we expect from the upcoming anime? Keep reading to find out more.

paradox live

Paradox Live Anime: Official Announcement

Three major announcements were dropped as part of the “Paradox Live 3rd Anniversary Fes” event. To start with, the performance for the second stage show – Paradox Live on Stage Vol 2 – has been announced. In addition, a mobile game will also be part of the project. There is no mention of the game’s genre, however. Lastly and most importantly, Paradox Live is getting an anime adaptation! Studio Pine Jam is doing the animation for the adaptation. BAE group’s leader, Allen Sugasano, is a feature on the key visual.

Naoya Ando will be directing the series and will be responsible as a screenwriter too. Takayo Ikami will be working on the series composition. And Koji Haneda is designing the characters. Furthermore, fans can look forward to seeing a cast of 29 actors! Some well-known actors include Natsuki Hanae, Ayumu Marase, and even Gakuto Kajiwara! How exciting is this anime going to be? One can only imagine.

paradox live anime

What Is The Anime About?

Paradox Live Anime is a multimedia project made by Avex Pictures GCREST. The project revolves around four teams who compete with each other. The teams are BAE, The Cat’s Whiskers, cozmez and Akanyatsura. Each of the team wears accessories that have a metallic substance known as Phantom Metal. This substance reacts with their DNA and creates brilliant illusions. The illusions lead to the creation of amazing performances.

New teams also join the project. The teams are VISTY, GOKU LUCK, 1Nm8, and AMPRULE. What happens to this multimedia project? Keep an eye out for the release of the anime. Fans can expect a lot of heat and clashes from this new anime!

paradox live anime teaser

Paradox Live Anime: Release Date

The anime will begin airing in 2023. Although, no further details have been provided about this big project yet. Which group will you be rooting for? Thus, we will be sure to keep you updated. Get your information first from here. So, keep checking The Anime Daily for new updates and information.

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