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To no one’s surprise, the upcoming Play It Cool Guys anime only gets better and better. The official website for the TV anime has been updated with a new cast member and the name of the artist who did the ending theme song. This comes just days after a new trailer for the show came out. People usually think of a bishounen protagonist as a handsome young man who is tall and thin, has hair as smooth as silk, and has eyes that look like they could hold the whole world in them. Like a lot of literary and media tropes, it’s nice when this one is turned on its head or brought to light. The following is a complete list of the details you require.

Play It Cool Guys dig into the tropes of the bishounen genre by asking what makes its protagonists seem so flawless. It might seem like everyone has angelic beauty and talent if they do everything perfectly. To appear so laid-back and unconcerned with what other people think, which the bishounen cares about the most in private, takes much planning, thought, and practice. The show provides a glimpse beyond the carefully crafted curtain.

Play It Cool Guys AnimePlay It Cool Guys Anime

Play It Cool Guys Anime: Official Announcement

Kokone Nata’s Play It Cool, Guys is being adapted into an anime series. It will shortly air on TV Tokyo in Japan for a second season. Before that, a new promotional video and key visual were unveiled, a new cast member was presented, and the latest opening theme, “Warau na!” (“Don’t laugh!”), by syudou was revealed. The new character is Shirakawa, who is Motoharu’s editor. Ayako Kawasumi will lend her voice to the role. Chiaki Kon helms Play It Cool, Guys. It is a Studio Pierrot production. Masato Nakayama composed the music, Eri Taguchi designed the characters, and Makoto Uezu wrote the script for the series.

What Is The Plot?

The protagonists of this anime are a group of dudes who think of themselves as untouchably cool. They work very hard to be cool, but the many rookie mistakes they make all the time undo all their hard work. They are a bunch of nerds who always attempt to pass off as more cool than they are. In the anime, these guys try to act cool every day but fail miserably, which leads to funny situations.

Play It Cool Guys AnimePlay It Cool Guys Anime

Play It Cool Guys Anime: Release Date

The first episode of the anime will air on January 2, 2023. The show is also being live-streamed on Crunchyroll. Even though the story started out with mini-chapter character adventures, the main cast still interacts and spends time on it. The story remains exciting and hilarious. Mistakes they make show the fact that they are human, like drinking from the wrong end of a bendable straw or not pushing the button at a traffic light. To learn more, please check back later.

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