Reality Quest Chapter 60: World Gang In Misery! Release Date & Plot

Reality Quest Chapter 60

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This week Do Wan will finally make it in Reality Quest Chapter 60. He has been trying hard to overpower the leader of World Gang. But his every attempt was going in vain. Well, the main reason was that Do Wan felt pity for the leader, and it distracted him from using his full strength. However, the story will move ahead soon, and now things will start to get normal. Keep reading to know more.

The forthcoming chapter will focus on the aftermath of Do Wan’s fight against the World Gang. In this battle, Do Wan will finally overpower the World Gang’s leader, leaving a huge impact on the bullies. But they won’t be alone. Someone will come forward to help them in this battle.

Reality Quest Chapter 60

Reality Quest Chapter 60: What Will Happen Next?

The World Gang has already reached Sehee’s restaurant, and they plan to threaten his aunt to leave that place at a small price. But they didn’t know Ji-Han was there to protect Sehee’s aunt. Ji-Han is a trained martial artist who knows how to deal with them. One by one, he will take down every member of the World Gang. Meanwhile, Do Wan and Sehee will finish this World Gang chapter together.

Sehee will again return to his normal personality and try to live a normal life, saving money for his restaurant. Meanwhile, Do Wan and his team will learn about another task. They will prepare to deal with the situation. Ji-Han needs to calm down as he doesn’t know what is happening. But soon, he will join the Do Wan force for the sake of their friendship.

Reality Quest Chapter 60

A Quick Recap!

Previously, in Reality Quest Chapter 59, Do Wan lost the fight with the World Gang leader. Although he is disabled, he was still giving a tough fight to Do Wan. He, in fact, asked Do Wan multiple times if he should give up. Though the leader was old and his strength was unmatchable with Do Wan, he still knew how to combat. Do Wan was vulnerable when the leader revealed his true motive.

He told Do Wan that a contractor wanted to buy that place at a low price. But Sehee’s restaurant was creating trouble for them. So the contractor hired the World Gang to make it possible. They decided to threaten Sehee and his aunt to leave that place. But it didn’t work out. So he sent his man to the restaurant to finish this chapter. It enraged Do Wan, and he came up with his powerful move. He punched the leader’s face harder and realized he couldn’t move freely, so if he attacked his clutch, the leader wouldn’t be able to fight, leading to Do Wan’s victory. 

Reality Quest Chapter 60

Reality Quest Chapter 60: Release Date

Do Wan will finally deal with the World Gang leader, and his defeat will help them to restore Sehee’s restaurant. You can find it in Reality Quest Chapter 60, which will come out on November 11, 2022. You can read it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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