Reality Quest Chapter 62: Do Wan Enters New Dungeon! Release Date & Plot

Reality Quest Chapter 62

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After dealing with the World Gang leader, Do Wan will prepare himself for another dungeon mission in Reality Quest Chapter 62. Well, he’s doing his best to come back with his profit system. But he doesn’t want to hand his money to the Bully council. Fans have seen him working hard to defeat the council and help the others. But things will be different now. Keep reading to know more.

Now in the forthcoming chapter, Do Wan will receive another mission and head to deal with the dangerous group in the city. But before entering their territory, Do Wan needs to map a strategy to help him deal with the mission.

Reality Quest Chapter 62

Reality Quest Chapter 62: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming chapter, Do Wan will focus on his mission. His head told him to head to Kwanak to deal with the Chongryeon-Dong group, who refused to join the Bully council. However, it is a powerful group in that area and runs a school there. So it’s not easy for anyone to take control of the entire building. But Do Wan’s senior believes that he can deal with those monsters.

Now he’s tasked with taking over their empire and forcing them to join the Bully council. Do Wan will head to see them. But he’s also aware of the upcoming danger. However, Do Wan has a key to help him deal with the bullies in this mission. He will use it to get access to the school. But he will meet with troublesome students who try to stop him, leading to combat between them.

Reality Quest Chapter 62

A Quick Recap!

After finishing the mission, Do Wan was rewarded in the 61st chapter of Reality Quest. He was asked to spin the wheel to access his reward. Although he wasn’t sure about it, he trusted his gut feelings and spun them. Initially, he wasn’t sure, but he seemed excited after receiving a rusted key that could help him in the future. But he could use it after cleaning it up. Soon his fellow mates revealed that they had dealt with the enemies and decided to return home. Back at the restaurant, Siyeon and Ji han were waiting for Do Wan and his allies.

Do Wan and others wondered about the gangsters, but Siyeon revealed they had tied them up in the restaurant. Sehee thanked everyone for supporting him and gave them a nice treat for their help. The following day they learned Sehee and his grandmother were selling their restaurant and decided to relocate to another area. Everyone seemed surprised, but they accepted his decision. A week ago, a member of the Sinlim-Dong revealed that they had a shortage of human resources, so whether Do-Wan was interested in joining them, he said yes. But for this, he had to clear a mission proving him worthy for the council.

Reality Quest Chapter 62

Reality Quest Chapter 62: Release Date

Do Wan needs to deal with the new trouble carefully? He needs to focus on this mission to prove his worth. Reality Quest Chapter 62 will come out on November 25, 2022, on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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