Release That Witch Chapter 444: To The Iron Islands! Release Date

release that witch chapter 444

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Release That Witch Chapter 444 is about to be released. This webtoon is an adaption of a famous web novel of the same name by Er Mu. Zhi Hua Wenhua does the art for the Webtoon. The story follows a modern-day engineer who wakes up in a Prince’s body in a new world. Furthermore, This world resembles old Europe in both technology and administration. However, there is one crucial difference. Witches exist for real! They can use different and unique types of Magic. It becomes the Prince’s responsibility to guide the Kingdom to technological advancement. Also, the witches are being for their magical power, and it is upon the renewed Prince to save them.

The release schedule is quite irregular. New chapters release every 3 to 4 days. Fans are excited to see what can transpire in the newest setting. Keep reading further to find out what will come up next!

Release That Witch Chapter 444

Release That Witch Chapter 444: What Will Happen Next?

Three witches have departed in the previous chapter on a journey to Iron Sand City. Roland Wimbledon, the protagonist, has given them orders to save a severely wounded witch there. Among the witches are Maggie and Nana Pine. They were told that they need to reach Iron Sand City in a maximum of two days. Ashes will be there to meet them. Now, It will be revealed in the next chapter who the injured witch is. Also, the reason Roland Wimbledon is interested in that witch is unknown.

The witches depart using their flight techniques. Maggie was carrying a tied pine on her back in bird form. Also, Roland Wimbledon is slowly expanding the Graycastle Kingdom. It will be interesting to see how events unfold in the story forth Release That Witch Chapter 444.

Release That Witch Chapter 444

Previous Chapter Recap

Release That Witch Chapter 443 started with Echo explaining to the remnants of the Osha clan how in Roland’s kingdom, they can flourish. However, there are opposing elements in the crowd as well. One such man tries to rally his people against the Graycastle kingdom. He quotes examples of Garcia Graycastle’s tyranny. However, their opinion is already in favor of the Echo. Echo clarifies that Roland Wimbledon needs the Osha People. Also, she states that Roland is very different from Garcia.

Roland only wants the Mojin people to progress. However, Garcia wanted soldiers to wage battles. Echo then leads the Osha Clan to the Southern region. In Roland’s Castle, we see that he is in the presence of some Witches. He directs the witches to go to Iron Sand City for him. He states that it is to aid a severely injured witch and bring her back. Subsequently, the witches head out by air.

Release That Witch Chapter 444

Release That Witch Chapter 444: Release Date

Release That Witch Chapter 444 will be available to read in a few days. There is a gap of 3 to 4 days between each new chapter. Also, chapter 443 was released the last weekend. The chapter will be available on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakapage. At last, keep an eye out on the website to get further updates.

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