Release That Witch Chapter 448: Mortal King’s New Plan! Release Date & Plot

Release That Witch Chapter 448

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The mortal king has tried his best to free all the witches, but he will find himself in a tough situation in Release That Witch Chapter 448. He’s been trying hard to access the map and crystal to help everyone. But everything around him spirals down, and he needs to find a way to escape this situation. Since the beginning of this manhwa, he’s easily handled everything. But this situation will be different. Can he deal with it? Keep reading to know his position.

The forthcoming chapter will focus on the aftermath of the mortal king’s encounter with the demons. He will somehow manage to return to the palace and decide how to deal with that relic’s demon guards. However, it will be challenging for him to deal with them alone.

Release That Witch Chapter 448

Release That Witch Chapter 448: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will continue with the mortal king facing the dilemma of his situation. He faced a completely reversed situation as those black tentacles helped and saved him from the other clan’s demons. Typically they used their energy to destroy and defeat the human who had faced such monsters. However, everyone will head to their palace instead of caring a fig about it.

The mortal king wants to learn about the dungeon and the maps to release the witch. But he can’t head to this relic again without proper planning. They need to map everything first before heading to the relic and becoming the dinner of those monsters. So the group will head to the relic with the weapons they need to kill every demon.

Release That Witch Chapter 448

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Release That Witch Chapter 447, the majesty faced demons of other relics when he tried to gain access to the crystal. The demons were powerful and ruthless, making it challenging for the majesty to dodge. However, two of his allies arrived at the right time and saved his life. He was thankful for them as they helped him be dragged from the danger. However, his mind wasn’t on point. The majesty started babbling that he met alien monsters who were guarding the other two relics. He tried to talk to them, but it became hard for them to understand.

One of his allies seemed surprised and asked whether he was talking about demons and huge eyeballs. Alethea cleared that he faced the demon and the enemy of another race at the same time. The majesty believed they couldn’t stand longer in that relic, but Alethea was the one who could stay there for at least an hour. He continued that some black tentacles suddenly appeared and killed those monsters. But Alethea revealed that it depended on the person’s mental energy and how long he could deal with that. But after a brief discussion, they concluded they needed to leave this place.

Release That Witch Chapter 448

Release That Witch Chapter 448: Release Date

The majesty needs to find a way to deal with the demons before they kill him. Will he go to the relic again? Release That Witch Chapter 448 will come out on November 24, 2022. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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