Reverse Villain Chapter 111: Why Canceled? A Fresh Start? Plot & Release Date

Reverse Villain Chapter 111

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The fight between Park Sooho and Jungwoo took an exciting turn the last time we saw it. Both were clashing with each other on conquering Murim. However, Sooho always stood for justice. And he couldn’t let the villains of the villain take over the place. Surprisingly, they were able to ignore their difference and come to a pact. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about Reverse Villain Chapter 111 plot and release date!

Next time in Reverse Villain, Jungwoo will correct all the mistakes that he had made in his past life. But he will do it wearing the mask of a villain only. So keep reading to find out all the details!

Reverse Villain Chapter 111Reverse Villain Chapter 111

Reverse Villain Chapter 111: What Will Happen Next?

In the next chapter of Reverse Villain, Jungwoo and Park Sooho will be working together for the betterment of the Murim. After their final showdown, the two have come to understand each other’s perspectives and have put their differences aside. With the threat of new villains emerging in the Murim, they have joined forces to protect it.  Together, they will embark on a new mission to rid the Murim of the new villains and restore peace to the martial arts community.

They will face new challenges and obstacles, but with their combined strength and experience, they will overcome them. This chapter will focus on their teamwork and mutual respect, as they work towards a common goal. The Murim will see a new era of peace and prosperity, with Jungwoo and Park leading the way.

Reverse Villain Chapter 111Reverse Villain Chapter 111

A Quick Recap!

In Reverse Villain Chapter 110, there was a battle between Jungwoo and Park Sohoo. They were fighting over control of the place called Murim. Jungwoo believed he should conquer it, but Park thought he was a villain and stood for what was right. Hara tried to stop the fight and told Jungwoo that Park was trying to help him. One year later, Lee Gungcheon won a competition in Murim, and Jungwoo had to work to fix the union.

 He took away the assets of the Nezumi family. Park was now working for the Unique union, and her ahjussi became the leader of the Valiant Gate union. Park faced Jungwoo again and said his journey ended with him because he is the villain. Jungwoo promised to take care of all the villains because he is the “villain of villains.” The chapter ended with their lifelong conflict coming to a close.

Reverse Villain Chapter 111Reverse Villain Chapter 111

Reverse Villain Chapter 111: Release Date

Reverse Villain Chapter 110 last came out in July 2022. And fans are feeling mixed emotions about the ending. Some feel that the ending was rushed and that more info about Park Sohoo could have been included. Others feel that the story was “canceled,” and the author had to write an end to the story quickly. 

Despite these concerns, fans are still holding onto hope for a continuation of the story. The last single chapter covered a full-year time skip and unfortunately did not show the love story between Hara and Jungwoo. Fingers crossed that Reverse Villain Chapter 111 will release sometime in the near future. The Anime Daily team will be the first to update you!

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