Saint Cecilia And Pastor Lawrence Anime: Fiest Promo Video Out, Release Date & More To Know

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime

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The Saint Cecilia And Pastor Lawrence anime for TV is based on the romantic comedy manga by Hazano Kazutake. Previously revealed materials include the video, some of the cast members, and the new key art. Next year, an anime adaptation of a romantic comedy centered on the secret romance between a saint and an insensitive pastor, Cecilia, and Lawrence, will air on television. Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence manga series were first published in Japan. It was written and drawn by Hazano Kazutake. Since April 2017, Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine has been putting it online, chapter by chapter. Here is all you need to know.

As of December 2022, its chapters have been gathered into eleven tankabon volumes. The first few scenes, in which characters talk to beings from other worlds, set the stage for what will happen in the next chapters. In Volume 7, the plot truly heats up when Cecilia gets a fever after being exposed to a creature she discovers in a deserted townhouse. Because of how quickly the demon vanishes at the end of the event, there is a sense of unanswered questions.

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence AnimeSaint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime: Official Announcement

Video, image, and cast announcement for Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence. The official website for Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence anime based on the manga by Hazano Kazutake showed the first promotional video, the main visual, and the extra cast. Lawrence’s friend Abel, played by Haruki Ishiya, and Hazelita Aldridge, played by Kanna Nakamura, are both members of affluent families.

When it debuts in April 2023, the anime will be ready for viewing. Yuka Yamada makes the show’s music, and Hiromi Nakagawa makes the characters. Lawrence, who lives on the outskirts of a quiet town, serves as the town pastor. In times of trouble, it is his job to direct parishioners to the church, where they can seek out the Saint, a moral exemplar who listens to their woes and offers them sound counsel.

What Is The Plot?

Lawrence, the pastor of a little church on the outside of a sleepy town, leads a simple life on the fringes of his congregation. In times of trouble, he is obligated to point people in the direction of the church, where they can seek advice from the “Saint.” He is a model of morality since he listens to the problems of his congregation and gives them sound advice. Cecelia, a beautiful little girl, has been entrusted with this role. But the repetitive nature of the job quickly tires her out. Because of this, as well as her hidden drowsiness, you can often find her dozing off in church.

This means that Lawrence is now completely accountable for the care of the church. Lawrence takes care of Cecelia’s needs and does the other things that need to be done at the church. Cecelia relaxes and waits for her next visitor. As their connection develops, they grow accustomed to one another and begin to trust one another. Lawrence’s ability to deal with her free-spirited nature has made Cecelia very happy. She has grown used to the way he looks out for her. What will the boring and overprotective priest do when he realizes the saint’s love for him is more than platonic?

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence AnimeSaint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Anime: Release Date

There was a new Saint Cecilia and Paster Lawrence anime image and video teaser shown during Aniplex Online Fest 2022. There will be a launch in April of 2023. Cast members and crew members are all out in the open. In real time, you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Keep an eye out for further updates.

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