Sakamoto Days Chapter 103: Movie Buffs Collide! Who Will Come Out On The Top? Release Date & Plot

Sakamoto Days Chapter 103

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The last chapter gave us a glimpse into Kanaguri’s Psyche. And it seems he’s quite the cinephile. Chapter 102 of Sakamoto Days was packed with movie references, from Roman Holiday (Bocca della Verità) to Terminator. But little did Kanaguri know that Sakamoto was ready to steal the show with his own cinematic knowledge. With a sly grin and a wink, Sakamoto delivered the ultimate comeback, uttering the iconic line, ‘Hasta la Vista, Baby.’ Kanaguri was left in the dust, no match for Sakamoto’s film-savvy wit. Will Kanaguri strike back with a witty one-liner? Here is all you need to know about Sakamoto Days Chapter 103 release date & plot!

The drama’s not over yet in Sakamoto Days! Fans can’t wait to see how suave and debonair Sakamoto handles Kanaguri. But it won’t be a walk in the park. Thus keep reading to know all the thrilling antics of chapter 103!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 103Sakamoto Days Chapter 103

Sakamoto Days Chapter 103: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter is not out yet. However, it will continue the ongoing fight. Last time Sakamoto gave a fitting reply to Kanaguri. And it seems he was not the only elephant in the room. Now the fight will decide who is the bigger movie buff. Kanaguri thinks that the world is just a big film set. And he will decide who will be the main leads and take the spotlight. But Sakamoto will soon bring him out of that delusion. 

Meanwhile, the next issue will shed light on Kanaguri’s mind. It seems films like The Truman Show and more have caused him to feel that he is in a matrix. But Sakamoto will prove him wrong. At the same time, he will prove that the era of Jackie Chan stunts has not ended. Kanaguri thinks that those moves are always predictable. But Sakamoto will end the fight with something he hasn’t seen before. How will he prove that the real world is not just a movie set?  Only Chapter 103 will unfold!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 103Sakamoto Days Chapter 103

A Quick Recap!

The title of Sakamoto Days Chapter 102 was ‘The Final Curtain.’ The chapter opened up in a flashback scene where Kanaguri kept replaying a film. He was crazy about the place where the film took place. So, when he grew up, Kanaguri visited the place. But he felt it was more vibrant on the TV screen. He began to wonder why everything was so powerful in films than in real life. Later the panel shifted to the fight between Kanaguri and Sakamoto.  Kanaguri asked Sakamoto why he was on his path. He also asked if Sakamoto was trying to avenge his teacher’s death.

Kanaguri claimed that the world was a movie set and that everyone was an actor in this film. He warned Sakamoto to stop interfering. Sakamoto told Kanaguri that a heartless person like him would never be able to touch anyone’s heart with his film. Meanwhile, a laser nearly struck Kanaguri as the action continued. Sakamoto had positioned all the lasers with his battle tricks to trap him. However, Kanaguri said Sakamoto’s moves were predictable, so he showed him his secret 4DX move. The attack propelled Kanaguri through the theater wall. Thus, the chapter ended with a cliffhanger.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 103Sakamoto Days Chapter 103

Sakamoto Days Chapter 103: Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 103 will be out on January 9, 2023. And don’t worry if you’ve fallen behind on the chapters, as you can easily catch up on all the action and intrigue on Manga Plus and Viz Media. Plus, be sure to stay tuned to The Anime Daily for all the latest updates and juicy details.

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