Season Of Blossom Anime Adaptation Reveals Release Date & Still-Cuts! What To Expect?

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Spring is the most beautiful season, with flowers blooming everywhere. However, it is also a season when love also blooms. Season of Blossom is a famous webtoon that almost everybody knows. It also has its own K-drama adaptation. Most fans would already know about this series. The Season of Blossom Anime is also coming soon! Yes, you read that right! Fans have mixed reactions to this adaptation. Some are excited to see the anime version. In contrast, others feel a bit nervous about it. So, keep reading to find out more.

Season of Blossom Anime will come to life once more in an anime version. The story writer is Hongduck, and the illustrator is Nemone. This series is painfully realistic in its own way. This webcomic has been translated into eight languages and has 60 million views on Webtoon. Let’s get right into the details of it.

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Season Of Blossom Anime: Official Announcement

According to Business Korea’s article, the Season of Blossom Anime will be released quickly. However, no further details have been provided beside the release date. Information on the cast, staff, production, and other announcements are expected to be released soon. The animation studio XTORM will be producing the anime. Still cuts of two characters of the anime have also been released.

Lee Ahyeon, the writer of the first season of the K-drama, will also be working on the story for the adaptation. XTORM aims to work on adapting all the seasons once the adaptation on Bomi’s season is done. The studio is also looking forward to partnering with a global OTT platform. Season 1 of the series will focus on Bomi, and season 2 will focus on Hamin. Gaeul and Dongchae will be the focus for seasons 3 and 4. At the same time, the K-drama adaptation is complete and is currently doing as well as the webtoon comic.

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Plot Details

According to the ongoing webtoon series and the completed K-drama adaptation, Season of Blossom is a story where each season is about a different character. The story looks at the past from 6 years before focusing on the present. It revolves around the secret friendship between Lee Hamin and Han Somang. They are two high schoolers, and Hamin passes away due to tragedy. Somang is working at the same school she studied at with Hamin six years later. She meets four high schoolers – Yoon Bomi, Choi Jinyoung, Kang Seonhui, and Lee Jaemin.

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Season Of Blossom Anime: Release Date

The anime aims to premiere in the first quarter of 2024. No specific release date has yet been announced. As the adaptation news is still very new, further announcements are being awaited. Meanwhile, eager viewers can read the Season of Blossom comic on Webtoon and watch the K-drama adaptation on Viki and other sites. Keep reading The Anime Daily Intel for the most recent announcements and updates.

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