Second Life Ranker Chapter 143: Secrets About The Philosopher Stone! Release Date & Plot

Second Life Ranker Chapter 143

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In line for release this week, Second Life Ranker Chapter 143 will bring forth some big revelations. Yeon Woo was at crossroads to find out a way to save Seisha, his niece. Meanwhile, as he acquired the skill of God’s Blessing, Yeon Woo caught the attention of both the Gods and Demons from the 98th floor. However, much to their dismay, Yeon Woo didn’t accept any of their blessings. Are there any consequences? Here is all you need to know about the Second Life Ranker Chapter 143 plot and release date.

Next time in Second Life Ranker Chapter 143, Yeon Woo will keep on his quest to save Seisha. For that, he will need to find the ingredients of the philosopher stone! Luckily, he has find a suitable person for the job! Keep reading further to find out more.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 143Second Life Ranker Chapter 143

Second Life Ranker Chapter 143: What Will Happen Next?

The next chapter will see Yeon Woo meet the witch, Anastasia. She has been a teacher of Victoria. Yeon Woo suspects that her rune magic can be one of the puzzle pieces to philosopher stone. He will ask her to help him in his endeavor. However, things won’t play out as he hopes. Anastasia is quite picky about who she works with. Yeon Woo will have to make a deal that appeals to her.

On the other hand, the Gods and Demons of the 98th floor are not quite happy with Yeon Woo’s decision. A conflict is brewing among the supreme beings. They want the ranker to work under them. But Yeon Woo isn’t showing any interest. Therefore, each demon and God is calculating his next moves, waiting to see who he chooses. His choice may not appeal to some supreme beings. It will be interesting to see how Yeon Woo handles this tense situation.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 143Second Life Ranker Chapter 143

A Quick Recap!

Second Life Ranker Chapter 142 opened up in the 12 Zodiac’s chamber. The guardian invited Yeon Woo to look at the requests the Gods had made. Yeon Woo was shocked that so many supreme beings were taking an interest in him. Even the Agares, who harmed Seisha, were bestowing their blessings on him. But for now, Yeon had decided to keep their blessings on the waiting list,

Meanwhile, he had gone to meet Henova to know more about the Philosopher Stone. It was the only item that could save Seisha. Therefore, Henova advised him to go find Anastasia. With her rune magic, she may be able to find a way to. Fortunately, he had found her in the middle of a party along with Edora. Thus, the chapter was brought to a close.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 143Second Life Ranker Chapter 143

Second Life Ranker Chapter 143: Release Date

The chapter will shed more light on the philosopher stone and Anastasia’s knowledge about it. Second Life Ranker Chapter 143 will release this week on December 23, 2022. Meanwhile, fans can catch up on all the chapters only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more updates!

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