Second Life Ranker Chapter 147: Red Dragons One The Rampage! Release Date & Plot

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147

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Yeon Woo has been turning allies against each other. In the last chapter, he devised a plan to trick the Dragons. He poisoned the Summer Queen to scheme his plan. The Queen is the sole reason Red Dragons are alive. It is since she shared her power with them. Now the clan is wreaking havoc on the Mage Tower, Golden Loyalty, and more. What is Yeon Woo thinking? Here is all you need to know about Second Life Ranker Chapter 147 plot & release date.

Next time in Second Life Ranker, things will start to get messy. Yeon Woo’s plan to backfire everything on Viera Dune is working. It will be exciting to see how the story moves forth from this point! So keep reading to find out all the details.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147Second Life Ranker Chapter 147

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147: What Will Happen Next?

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147 will open up with Braham taking care of Sheisha. The child has been alone ever since Braham’s daughter took her away. In the facility, she used to get tortured and experimented on. But with Ananta’s help, Sheisha could live a new life. However, it is not quite so with Ananta. She is fighting the folks from Walpurgisnacht even now. Her only wish is to see Sheisha again. That is why Yeon Woo schemed a plan to put all the blame on Viera Dune.

 In the next chapter, all the Red Dragons will get suspicious over the Witch. They have already ruined the Gluttonous Emperor. And now the facility will be next. This will leave some time for Ananta to escape. Meanwhile, Yeon Woo will make a final blow to finish the facility. Ananta will be able to see Sheisha again. But this time, Braham has the philosopher stone. So with the stone, he will restore Seisha to her original health.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147Second Life Ranker Chapter 147

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Second Life Ranker Chapter 146, the Red Dragons were furious. They find out that someone poisoned the Summer Queen. The panel also revealed that the clan got to know the inscriptions were fake. One of the subordinates pointed out that it was people from the facility. There had been many eyewitnesses too. The Red Dragon hero was furious and asked why they would dare to do something like this.

Meanwhile, the panel took to Yeon Woo. He unlocked many skills and now had a larger control over death. He could creat demons from the pieces of Hell. This got the attentions of many from the upper floor. Agares was jealous of his new skills. Meanwhile, others were curious about his next move. Suddenly, Marquis Caliburn of Bloo Land came forward. He asked about Elholm and others. However, Yeon Woo lied about the entire tragedy. Thus, the chapter came to a close.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147Second Life Ranker Chapter 147

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147: Release Date

New chapters come out weekly on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. Second Life Ranker Chapter 147 will release on February 3, 2023. The next chapter will reveal if Yeon Woo’s plan will succeed. Will he able to make Viera Dune fall on her knees? Keep an eye out on this page for more updates. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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