Second Life Ranker Chapter 148: Rescuing Ananta! Release Date & Plot

In Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

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Yeon-Woo has masterfully schemed a plan to attack Walpurgisnacht. He made them an enemy of the Red Dragon. And now the clan is against this facility. They have kept a bounty on Viera Dune. So it’s only a matter of time before any player, or Yeon-Woo, destroys their fortress and swoops into the facility. Thus, here is all you need to know about Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 plot and release date!

Next time in Second Life Ranker Chapter 148, Yeon-Woo will search for Ananta. She is somewhere inside the facility. But will Viera Dune let him take away her test subject so easily? Keep reading to find out!

In Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148: What Will Happen Next?

In Second Life Ranker Chapter 148, Yeon Woo finally arrives at the Citadel, the place where Ananta is being kept captive. He knows that his mission is to save Ananta, but he is not the only one who wants to protect her. Viera Dune, the leader of Walpurgisnacht, is also there with the same goal.Yeon Woo faces fierce resistance as he tries to enter the Citadel. Viera Dune’s guards stand in his way, but his strength and skills help him to fight through them.

He finally reaches the dungeon where Ananta is being held. When he sees her, he is surprised to find that she has changed and become more powerful. Viera Dune enters the scene, determined to stop Yeon Woo from rescuing Ananta. The three of them engage in an intense battle, with their fates hanging in the balance. Will Yeon Woo be able to save Ananta? Or will Viera Dune succeed in keep her captive as a test subject? All answers will be out in Second Life Ranker Chapter 148!

In Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Second Life Ranker Chapter 147, Brahm found it surprising to see Boo taking orders from Yeon Woo. He is an Elder who can rival the Nine Kings and the Summer Queen. Yeon Woo was unaware of this. And he thought how that level of figure fell into a mere soul slave. Meanwhile, Boo showed them a picture of Viera Dune’s first witches. They were conceived by the great witch mother ‘Night.’

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo found the base of Walpurgisnacht, where Viera Dune resides. Through a portal, they entered the ghost town. And there was a barrier that sprayed fog full of ghosts to instill fear in people and steal their life force. Brahm casted a blessing to counter the barrier. In the meantime, Yeon Woo created a new quest. Red Dragon has placed a bounty on Walpurgisnacht for harming Summer Queen. And Yeon Woo was ready to attach Viera Dune with that excuse. 

In Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

Suddenly, a doppelganger of Yeon Woo came from the back and attacked them. But Yeon Woo called Shannon to tear him into pieces. Then Yeon Woo pressured the guy to spit out all the details regarding their location and where they were. The ghost said that it was Pataya’s territory. So Yeon Woo stormed into her place and asked where Viera Dune kept Ananta. The chapter ended with Yeon Woo heading toward the dungeon of Citadel, where they locked her up.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148: Release Date

New chapters come out weekly on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 will release on February 14, 2023. The next chapter will reveal if Yeon Woo can save Ananta. Will he able to defeat Viera Dune and destroy Walpurgisnacht? Keep an eye out on this page for more updates. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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