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There is a possibility that audience members are unfamiliar with the author, Kotara Isaka. On the other hand, you have most likely seen the most recent movie adapted from one of his books. The movie “Bullet Train,” which is based on his book “Maria Beetle,” features one of the strongest ensemble casts of any film released in the past year. It’s possible you could say the same thing about his next project, Seesaw Monster Live-Action, which is also on the publishing schedule.

Interconnected, although occurring at different times in Isaka’s work, “Seesaw Monster” and “Spin Monster” are both monster tales. At the beginning of “Seesaw Monster,” Mieko, the wife of a former journalist, fights with Setsu, her mother-in-law. This occurred in the late Show era when Japan’s economy was at its best. The novel by Isaka was published in Japan in April of this year. On October 21, a new book version came out in bunko format.

Seesaw Monster Live-Action

Seesaw Monster Live-Action: Official Announcement

Netflix said on November 9, 2022, that it had bought the rights to turn the Japanese author Kotara Isaka’s novel “Seesaw Monster” into a movie. In the action-comedy Seesaw Monster, Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek Pinault will portray competitors compelled to collaborate. The film’s plot remains under wraps, but the streaming giant has confirmed the presence of the two women.

THR reports that Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek will appear in and produce the film adaptation of Isaka’s novel Seesaw Monster. Olivia Milch will write a screenplay for the book, but a director hasn’t been chosen yet. The plot is currently unknown. The film is marketed as a comic action film in which enemies must cooperate. Hathaway and Hayek will portray the antagonists.

Seasaw Monster Live-Action

Plot Details

Netflix is advertising the movie as an action comedy in which Hathaway and Hayek Pinault play rivals who have to work together, but they aren’t saying much about the plot. Unfortunately, there aren’t many spoilers available online for “Seesaw Monster,” as there isn’t yet an English translation of the 2019 Japanese edition. It’s too early to predict how Netflix will adapt Seesaw Monster.

Still, the story centers on a woman who investigates her mother-in-law’s background and uncovers secrets threatening to destabilize her family. The two ladies are constantly at odds, yet they must collaborate when a mystery from their past threatens their lives. With Hathaway and Hayek aboard, Seesaw Monster has all the elements of another huge success for Netflix since it has the perfect framework for an action comedy. Keep reading further to know when the show is coming out!

Seesaw Monster Live-Action

Seesaw Monster Live-Action: Release Date

Currently, Netflix is handling the film’s distribution. Production on “Seesaw Monster” has not yet begun. The production date and the amount of supporting roles that need to be cast are both unknown at this time. However, without a director attached, it seems to be in its early stages. Seesaw Monster is still in the pre-production stages. Thus, there is no set release date as of now. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates only here.

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