Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9: Ittoki Vs. Kidou! Release Date & More

Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9

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So far, everything was going on a peaceful note. But Kidou is curious to destroy the Iga clan. Many will lose their life while someone will find a way to change everything in Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9. The previous episode focused on Kidou’s plan to execute Yumika and others. But now, after learning she escaped prison, things will be way too challenging to deal with Ittoki. Keep reading to know more.

The forthcoming episode will focus on the impending battle between the two clans. Everyone will be busy protecting their close ones while Yumika’s fate remains in limbo. Ittoki will also try his best to save his clan. But will he be able to protect his clan?

Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9

Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will focus on the impending battle. Kidou will use his force to attack the Iga clan. He will order his associates to charge an attack. But the rift between the two clans escalates when Tokisada and Kousetsu rescue Yumika. Kajarishi was about to execute Yumika. But fortunately, Tokisada and Kousetsu are there to protect her. The place will soon lead to a battlefield. Kajarishi will charge an attack, but Tokisada will manage to defend it.

Meanwhile, Ittoki gets help from his friends to deal with Kidou and his group “In The Light Of Dawn.” Ittoki will recall the good time he spends with his friends and the love of his life. But it won’t be the right time to cherish those moments. He will prepare himself for the fight. But soon, they will be trapped in an explosion. Now it remains to be seen how things will move further.

Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9

A Quick Recap!

In the eighth episode of Shinobi No Ittoki, Kidou recalled his past when he was born sickly and passed it over, causing him to dislike all ninjas. With Goshogawara gone missing, Kajarishi got the upper hand of the NSC, scheduling Yumiko’s execution for the following day. He later released Kidou. However, knowing Kajarishi was corrupt, Shione and her team tried to find a solution. Soon Iga learned about this news and passed it to Ittoki. Ittoki decided to send Tokisada and Kousetsu to rescue Yumika while their clan tried their best to prove their innocence.

With Kidou free, he used the robotic Asura for an assault on the Iga village. Suzaku seemed ready to join the assault. But his father Housen objected, reminding him that this attack could ruin the Koga long-term. But Kidou killed Housen and others who tried to go against him and later ordered the attack. After learning about this attack, the Iga clan soon prepared their defenses. But Kidou alone managed to breach the village. Meanwhile, Tokisada and Kousetsu rescued Yumika but were surprised to see Kajarishi there. Back to the Iga clan, Suzaku learned that his father was killed just before his attack.

Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9

Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9: Release Date

Ittoki will come up with a strong move to end this chapter here. But can he deal with Kidou and his clan? You will learn it in Shinobi No Ittoki Episode 9, which will air on November 29, 2022, at 12.30 pm JST. The local Japanese audience can stream it on Tokyo MX and AT-X, while the international audience can catch it on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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