Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75: The Power of Sacrifice! Tesla Dies? Plot & Release Date

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75

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Tesla will die in the upcoming fight, giving the chance to Beelzebub to live a life without regrets!

The last chapter was thrilling as ever. Now, all eyes are on Tesla and Beelzebub as they tear through the arena and leave chaos in their wake. With each determined to prove the superiority of their own kind, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. However, fans are now speculating that Tesla’s demise is on the countdown. Can he actually prove Mankind’s eternal nature through science? Here is all you need to know about Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75 release date and plot!

Next time in Shuumtasu No Valkryie, a voice will ring out from the crowd, asking Tesla to show the prowess of science. Does he have a new trick up his sleeve? Only time will tell. But he is on the verge of death, and may run out his lifeforce at any moment. Time is running out, and Tesla must get a way around Beelzebub! So, keep reading to find out all the spoilers!

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75: What Will Happen Next?

In Chapter 75 of Record of Ragnarok, Nikola Tesla will stare down Beelzebub, ready to continue their battle. Beelzebub will taunt Tesla, asking him how he can be so confident in the face of his power. Tesla will respond by saying that he has already proven that mankind is eternal through his brother’s legacy. 

The battle will begin once again, with both fighters unleashing their full power. Tesla will use his knowledge of science to create weapons on the fly. While Beelzebub will rely on his immense physical strength. As the battle rages on, it will become clear that neither fighter is gaining the upper hand. However, it seems that there is still hope for humanity, and for Gods as well.

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75

Tesla may sacrifice himself to bring light into Beelzebub’s heart. Ever since his only friend’s death, Beelzebub was living in guilt. So, he wanted to redeem himself through death. But Tesla will free him from his eternal punishment. Every Record Of Ragnarok battle has a lesson for the fans (and for the Gods as well). This time Tesla will die too, but after leaving an impactful lesson that gives Beelzebub a new perspective towards life.

A Quick Recap!

The title of Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 74 was ‘The Feelings Which Connect Us.’ Beelzebub’s devastating attack, Void God: Chaos, brutally injured Tesla. This technique employs offensive vibrations in Beelzebub’s right hand and defensive vibrations in his left. He can condense it and detonate any time. Despite the attack’s immense power, both Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla survived. 

Tesla had sacrificed one of his coils to attack and lessen the blast’s impact on him. Beelzebub counted down to Tesla’s defeat. But Tesla proclaimed that mankind was eternal, and there could be no end to them. The chapter then delved into Nikola Tesla’s backstory. It revealed how he had idolized his brother Dane. He was a genius when it came to mechanics.

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75

Dane had been creating an improved windmill for an elder’s request. But a stormy night proved fatal for him, and he passed away. Nikola refused to let his brother’s work go to waste and spent six years completing the windmill. This accomplishment solidified his belief in the eternal nature of mankind. Humans continue to inherit and advance scientific knowledge. Now, fully prepared to fight Beelzebub, Tesla is ready to prove his point once again.

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75: Release Date

Fans will be excited to know that they don’t need to any longer for the new chapter. Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75 will come out on February 25, 2023. Meanwhile, you can catch up on the last chapter only on Monthly Comic Zenon. The new chapter will be available on the same platform. But you can find it on Viz Media as well. For more updates, keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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