Skip And Loafer Anime Reveals Additional Cast, Release Date & More To Know

Skip And Loafer Anime

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Transitioning from one phase of life to another is a major step for a person. More so for a girl transitioning to a higher university. With the new city, people, and a whole new life, it gets hard for someone so young to deal with and adapt to it. But eventually, the process becomes easy, and through the crests and troughs that life gives you, it is no doubt a nice learning experience. The anime industry is yet again coming up with an interesting story. The Skip & Loafer anime is being adapted from manga of the same name. And it has gained popularity over time in the anime community. Fans are sure to be excited about the adaptation. Let’s learn about the release date, cast, and staff, then. Here is all you need to know.

The anime series was based on the manga that Misaki Takamatsu wrote and drew, which was a romantic comedy. Back in 2018, it was introduced to the public for the very first time in the Kodansha Monthly Afternoon magazine. After that, Seven Seas Entertainment put out its sixth volume in English, both online and in print, the year before. In the year 2020, Skip & Loafer has become more popular with male readers because it has been nominated for several awards.

Skip And Loafer AnimeSkip And Loafer Anime

Skip And Loafer Anime: Reveals Additional Cast

The Skip and Loafer anime adaptation shared a major picture. In addition to further cast details and the air date for the adaptation. Tomoyo Kurosawa plays the role of Mitsumi Iwakura. While Akinori Egoshi plays the role of Sosuke Shima in the main cast. Maaya Uchida, Yuka Terasaki, and Megumi Han will voice Yuzuki Marashige, Mika Egashira, and Makoto Kurume in the Skip and Loafer anime. Animated by P.A. Works, the show is based on a manga by Misaki Takamatsu. A preview for the anime premiered in June of 2022.

Kotomi Deai is to direct the Skip & Loafer anime, and Manami Umeshita is the character designer as well as the animation director. Takatsugu Wakabayashi is the one responsible for composing the soundtrack for the anime. The first episodes of the series will be made available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Plot Details

As all storylines go, this is the plot of two youngsters finding it hard to figure out in the world. Iwakura Mitsumi is an aspiring girl who has always dreamed of attending a prominent institution. And keeping up the city life after leaving her hometown is the protagonist of the heartfelt story that is told in Skip & Loafer. But it will not be easy for Mitsumi to leave her comfort zone. Tokyo is not the kind of city where she can manage things on her own. But luckily, her friend Shima Sousuke will be there to support and guide her through the process.

Skip And Loafer AnimeSkip And Loafer Anime

Skip And Loafer Anime: Release Date

Skip & Loafer, based on the manga, will have its anime debut in April 2023. With the book coming out today, this ongoing series now has a total of 8 books. Volume 9 has no publication date. Seven Seas Entertainment, a US publisher, licences the series in English in print and digital and has issued the first 6 volumes, with the next scheduled for May 9, 2023. To learn more, please check back later.

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