Slam Dunk Movie RELEASING SOON? Plot, Cast & Release Date Announced!

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For volleyball, fans could watch the anime Haikyuu! For real-life basketball fans, they have LeBron James and Michael Jordan to look up to. But it is time for basketball to hit the anime scenes! The Slam Dunk Movie is being eagerly looked forward to at the moment. This anime is making a comeback after 27 years of hiatus! There is a lot of excitement in the air as the release date is slowly approaching soon too. Expectations are high, and there are several hoops to score in the game. Let us immediately get into the details of it.

Slam Dunk is one of the best-selling mangas in history. It has a total of 170 million copies in circulation. It also ranks #3 out of the top 100 manga series. The series ended its last episode on March 23, 1996. It is with extreme excitement that Slam Dunk Movie is coming back. The hype for the release of this prequel is present worldwide right now.

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Slam Dunk Movie: Official Announcement!

Slam Dunk Movie is finally coming back after 27 years of waiting from the fans. A look into the upcoming movie was given to the fans on the movie’s Youtube Channel. The movie is very different from the way it was in the 90s. The movie’s graphics are phenomenal and look like a huge upgrade in the newest promo. Check out the amazing promo video below:

Takehiko Inoue, the original creator of the series, is writing and directing the movie. Yasuyuki Ebara will be working as a character designer as well as the animation director. Daiki Nakazawa is responsible as a CG Director. Joining the staff is Yuta Ogura, who will also be working as a CG producer. Also, others among the staff are Yota Tsuruoka, Koji Kasamatsu, and Naoki Miyahara.

Members of the cast include Shugo Nakamura, who will play Ryota Miyagi’s role. Jun Kasama will be voicing the character of Hisashi Mitsui. Shinichiro Kamio and Subaru Kimara will join the cast as Kaeda Rukawa and Hanamichi Sakuragi. Kenta Miyaki will also be a part of the cast as Takenori Akagi.

What Is The Movie About?

The Slam Dunk Movie is about Hanamichi Sakuragi, who has no luck with girls. He has been rejected by 50 girls in a row before! However, he finally meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko, and she introduces him to basketball. From this moment on, Hanamichi’s life changes forever. But the exact plot of the movie has certainly not out in the public domain. Fans will have to watch the anticipated movie on the big screens!

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Slam Dunk Movie: Release Date

The movie will premiere on December 3, 2022. The movie’s screening will occur in 34 Dolby Atmos and Dolby cinema theatres across Japan. It will premiere on 40 IMAX screens on the first day and 30 screens on 10 December. So, this is the first time in the anime industry that fans and viewers can reserve their seat tickets and purchase them a month before the premiere date.

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