Solo Leveling Side Story Releasing Soon In Memory Of Late Author! Release Date & More

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The popular series Solo Leveling came to an end in 2021. However, its popularity has remained up until now. The webtoon brought with it an insane amount of fans. Moreover, the upcoming anime release is also bringing in more fans. The series will be more popular once the anime releases than it was before. However, to add to its popularity, Solo Leveling Side Story will also release soon for a sorrowful reason. This new story will be an emotional moment for both the fans and the co-creator. So, here are all the details about the new side story.

Despite how happy the information about Solo Leveling Side Story might be for the fans, the reason behind it remains full of pain. The creator, Dubu, would be unable to see the anime and the side story itself. Aside from being a brilliant artist, Jang Sung Rak, also known as Dubu, was REDICE Studio’s CEO. His studio is mainly known for adapting novels into webtoons. So, keep reading to find out more about the upcoming side story.

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Solo Leveling Side Story: Official Announcement!

Ahead of the anime debut of the series, REDICE Studio will release a side story for the manhwa. The Studio will do a side story in memory of Dubu to honor his death. Moreover, July 2023 will mark the first death anniversary of the artist’s passing. The official Twitter account of REDICE has also confirmed that Solo Leveling Side Story is currently underway.

Artists who previously worked with Sung Rak will be working on this project to honor the artist’s illustrations, art, and work. So far, not too many details have been released yet. Further announcements are expected in the upcoming days before the release of the anime.

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What Will The Side Story Be About?

The story is currently being named Solo Leveling Side Story for now. The announcement of the side story has already garnered massive excitement for the upcoming anime release as well. As the manhwa is originally an adaptation of a light novel series, it is most likely that this story will be adapted to the side stories in the light novel series.

However, there also exists a possibility that Solo Leveling Side Story might not be based on the light novel series. As Dubu was the illustrator of the story rather than the creator, the side story might end up having a new original written story instead. Until now, no details have been released on the story’s plot details, characters, theme songs, or cast.

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Solo Leveling Side Story: Release Date

Further details are being awaited on the release date of the side story, as the anime is about to be released as well. Are you looking forward to the side story, the anime, or perhaps both? Please share it in the comments down below. Stay updated with The Anime Daily for more announcements and information.

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