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spy classroom anime

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The character introductions to Spy Classroom Anime have been nothing but exciting! Seven weeks have passed, and a total of seven characters have been announced. However, this is not even the beginning. The upcoming action-comedy has everybody anticipating the next announcements. Fans are already feeling impatient about meeting the next character. Spy Classroom Anime is about a Mission Impossible. The teasers and trailers have added so much spice and suspense to the unveiling of this series. But how impossible would this mission be? Will the characters be able to make it through this mission successfully? Keep reading to know more.

The popular anime series Spy Classroom is an adaptation of a light novel of the same name. The writer is Takemuchi, and the illustrator of the series is Tomari. The serialization of the series began in 2020. It currently has a total of 6 volumes. In Japan, the series is also known as Spy Room. Kaname Seu is also working on the manga adaptation of the series. 

spy classroom anime trailer

Spy Classroom Anime: Official Announcement

A teaser visual and trailer have been released for Spy Classroom Anime. Studio Feel will be animating the series. Moreover, an introduction for seven characters has been released so far. Recently, Annett was also introduced as a cast member. She is a trickster with amnesia. She also has a habit of referring to herself as “ore-sama.” Tomori Kusunoki will be voicing her character. Sora Amamiya and Yuichiro Umehara will voice the main characters, Lily and Klaus. Nao Toyama will be playing the role of Sybilla. Aoi Yuki and Miku Ito will join the cast as Grete and Monika.

Moreover, Sumiri Uesaka will be voicing the character of Thea. And Ayane Sakura will also be joining the cast. She will be playing the character of Sara. Keiichiro Kawaguchi will be directing Spy Classroom Anime. Working alongside him on series composition is Shinichi Inozume. Sumie Kinoshita will be working on the character designs for the series.

spy classroom anime teaser

Plot Details!

According to Yen Press, which publishes the series and translates it into English, the story is about an unusual spy, Klaus. Countries are fighting wars with each other in the shadows after a very terrible military conflict. Klaus takes it upon himself to start a Mission Impossible. This mission has over a ninety percent chance of failure, but he still decides to go for it. However, the members chosen for the mission have no practical experience and are a bunch of misfits.

The members will have to use every trick and technique to show that they can do the task and are willing to finish the mission. Fans are interested to know what this genre can bring to the screens in the long run!

spy classroom anime preview

Spy Classroom Anime: Release Date

There have been no specific announcements for the Spy Classroom Anime Series release date. But fans can look forward to its premiere in 2023. The only question that remains is how well will the members of the mission do their tasks. Will the mission remain impossible, or will the members pull it off? Keep reading The Anime Daily intel for more updates and answers.

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