Spy Classroom Episode 1: Training Of Spies Around The World? Release Date, Plot & Visual!

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The upcoming Spy Classroom has been hyping fans up with all the announcements. Many of the central characters have also been released. Spy Classroom Episode 1 will feature some of the main characters, and the beginning of the series will be better than anybody could expect. Fans on Twitter are already talking about how the released visuals create many expectations for the upcoming series. So, without giving away any more spoilers, here is everything you need to know.

The anime will be premiering on several channels in Japan. The anime release will be huge, and screenings are also expected to occur. Takemachi initially launched the light novel series in January 2020. However, despite its recent release, unlike other series, it is already doing very well. Kaname Seu later released a manga adaptation in May 2020.

spy classroom anime characterspy classroom anime character

Spy Classroom Episode 1: Official Announcement!

The staff of Spy Classroom released the promotional video, visual, and the premiere for the series on Wednesday. The view also shows the opening theme song, “Toka,” also known as Light. An advance screening of the first three episodes will also take place on December 24, 2022, in Tokyo. The cast members of the show will also be present at the screening.

The series cast includes Sora Aramiya as Lily and Miku Ito playing the role of Grete. Others like Yuichiri Umehara and Nao Toyama will be voicing the characters of Klaus and Sibylla. Aoi Yuki and Sumire Uesake also join the cast as Monika and Thea. Last but not least, Ayane Sakura and Tomori Kasunoki will also be present as Sara and Annett. The director of the anime is Keiichiro Kawaguchi. Shinichi Inotsume will supervise the scripts, and Sumie will design the series’ characters.

spy classroom anime previewspy classroom anime preview

What Will Happen In Episode 1?

So far, no previews have been released for Episode 1 of the series. However, as the series is being adapted from the novel, the first episode might revolve around a world where the guerilla war has ended. A war in the shadows has started taking place instead. Spy institutions may come up all over the world in Episode 1. Moreover, the first episode might see a spy from one of the institutions not doing well, resulting in her getting invited to join Tomoshibi. ”

She needs to pass an exam that has a high death rate. At the place of the test, she may meet nine other girls who are dropouts from other institutions like her. The first episode might see the girls living together and training to pass the test.

spy classroom anime lilyspy classroom anime lily

Spy Classroom Episode 1: Release Date

HIDIVE will be streaming the anime as it airs. The anime will premiere on January 5, 2023. Kadokawa Youtube Channel will also be streaming the first episode early on the same day at 8 pm JST. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any more detail on this. For further updates, keep reading The Anime Daily for more.

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