Spy X Family Chapter 75: Yor & Loid Return To The Screen! Release Date & Plot

Spy X Family Chapter 75

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Yor and Loid will make their comeback soon! In the last chapter, Anya and her friends faced a nail-biting hostage situation with a bittersweet outcome. But the wait is over, as Yor and Loid return to the scene. They will bring along their own brand of excitement and suspense. So here is all you need to know about Spy X Family Chapter 75 plot and release date!

Next time in Spy X Family manga, a new arc will start after the end of Red Circus Arc. The new chapter will show Melinda taking center stage. At the same time, new things will unfold. So keep reading to find out all the details.

Spy X Family Chapter 75Spy X Family Chapter 75

Spy X Family Chapter 75: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter is yet to be out. Spy X Family Chapter 75 will begin with Yor’s worry and search for Anya, who has gone missing. The previous chapter showed Yor receiving reports about Anya’s whereabouts. This made her feel helpless and worried. Meanwhile, Yuri will make an appearance in the story, but Loid and Yor have been absent so far. In this chapter, we will follow Yor’s journey to find Anya and bring her back home safely.

Meanwhile, the hostages, Anya, Becky, and Damian, will spend a major part of their time together. This will experience will bring them closer. Damian’s efforts to save Anya will make a big impression on her and might push their friendship to the next level. As the story progresses, Yor and Loid will likely come face to face with the truth and learn about the dangers their daughter has faced. This will bring them even closer together. They will thank Becky’s butler for the rescue. And perhaps, it will lead to a stronger bond between the Forgers and the Blackbells.

Spy X Family Chapter 75Spy X Family Chapter 75

A Quick Recap!

In Spy X Family Chapter 74, Anya spoke to Billy about the Red Circus’s bad actions using Biddy’s words. Billy was upset and wanted to let Anya go, but she refused to leave. The others on the bus, especially the driver Vadim, were angry with Billy for not making a decision. They tried to make him mad by talking about Biddy. But then Billy thought about how Biddy was a kind and caring person. 

He realized he was part of a group that had gone wrong. He didn’t want to ruin Biddy’s memory, so he took the bomb and surrendered to the SSS. But then Vadim took Anya hostage and threatened her with a gun. The SSS tried to stop him, but Martha, Becky’s butler, saved Anya by using a taser gun. In the end, the Red Circus was caught, and the students were safe. The events were on the news that night.

Spy X Family Chapter 75Spy X Family Chapter 75

Spy X Family Chapter 75: Release Date

The makers have announced that Spy X Family manga will return to a bi-weekly release schedule. Earlier, it took a month for chapter 74 to release. But things will get interesting from here on. Spy X Family Chapter 75 will release by February 15, 2023. Meanwhile, fans can catch up on the latest chapter only on MangaPlus and Viz Media. For more updates, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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