Spy X Family Episode 19: Anya Defends Damian! Plot & Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 19

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If you are a Spy X Family victim this fall, tighten your seat belts. There is more to come your way. But it seems that the Desmond Family has claimed another victim. Yes, a new character will come to the screens. In the earlier episode, Anya passes the exam with her own effort. Loid almost gave up on Anya. And he was even willing to change her scores in case she failed. But he didn’t need to go that far after all. Props to Anya! Loid will now be able to pursue his mission. One thing is now confirmed. Anya doesn’t need Esper powers to save the world. Though, her work is far from over. Here is everything you want to know about Spy X Family Episode 19 Plot & Release Date! 

In the next outing, another hurdle is coming Anya’s way. She must do all she can to prevent this. Otherwise, Operation Strix may be at risk. The last episode ended with a cliffhanger. Who hired the spy to sabotage Damian’s grades? Read on to know more.

Spy X Family Episode 19

Spy X Family Episode 19: What Will Happen Next?

The title of Spy X Family Episode 19 is ‘A Revenge Plot Against Desmond and Mama Becomes the Wind’. The title suggests two different stories will take place. Yor is onto something. Is she on a new mission on her client’s request? In the preview video of episode 19, the focus shifts to another classmate of Anya. The next episode will introduce us to this new character. The title also talks about revenge. The new character seems to be plotting something against Damian. There is a chance that he is trying to get Damian a Tonitrus. 

But this is where Anya comes and defends Damian. In the preview video, many students appear to be bidding farewell to someone. Will she be able to save him? The revenge may be related to Daybreak incident from the earlier episode. A big client is involved in ruining Damian’s performance. Are they targeting the Desmond Family? The student’s family may also be involved in this scheme. As a result, we may deduce that his personal vandetta against Damian stems from official reasons. 

Spy X Family Episode 19

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Spy X Family Episode 18 was ‘Uncle the Private Tutor and Daybreak’. The episode began with Henderson announcing the mid-term exam. Students who’d pass would receive Stella Stars. Likewise, those who failed would receive Tonitrus Bolts. He then returned their History sheets. Anya performed poorly once again. Meanwhile, Damian showed off his great grades and teased her. Anya revealed to the audience that midterms would be on full moon day. She loses her ability to read other’s minds on every full moon day. 

The next morning, Yor called Yuri to teach her grammar. She proved to be a dimwit. Thus, Yuri left irritated. Loid didn’t have any choice but to change her grades. He infiltrated the school. But there he saw another spy, Daybreak. The newbie came to alter Damian’s grades. But he didn’t have any skills. This could put Loid in danger. Thus, Loid helped him to enter the premise in a teacher’s disguise. Daybreak explained why he chose his alias. He actually saw Twilight as his rival, not knowing that the man was indeed in front of him. A few days later, all students checked their results. Fortunately, Anya passed with an average rank. Loid revealed that he didn’t change any grades. Anya passed all four subjects on her own.

Spy X Family Episode 19

Spy X Family Episode 19: Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 19 is all set to return this week. The episode will air on Saturday at the usual time. It will come out on November 12, 2022. Fans can catch all the episodes on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Muse Asia on YouTube is also airing the show. There is no news of any delays. But we will keep you updated. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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