Spy X Family Episode 20: Meet Yor’s Rival! Plot & Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 20

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The last episode was relatable for many on a very personal level. When you nearly receive a goodbye from all your friends and professors because you believe you might be switching schools. But ultimately, you choose to stay. And you feel awful about the stories you pumped up. Fans on the internet expressed the secondhand embarrassment it gave. On the other hand, the episode revealed that it was George who sent Daybreak. Funnily, he hired him with his one-month pocket money. He moved everyone with his alleged tragedy. But Anya was the only one who didn’t give in to his little scheme. Instead, she offered him a leaf as a farewell gift. And no, this isn’t the end of the hilarity. The next episode is sure to defy your expectations. Here is all you need to know about Spy X Family Episode 20 Plot and Release Date!

In the next one, a new character is coming. Yor’s romantic rival is finally here. For a long time, fans didn’t see any romance between Yor and Loid. But now Yor has to put in the effort to stay with the Forgers. Will the Forger pair finally see any growth in their relationship? Read on to know more!

Spy X Family Episode 20

Spy X Family Episode 20: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the Spy X Family Episode 20 is ‘Investigate The General Hospital and Decipher The Perplexing Code’. It hints at two stories that will take place. In the preview video, Anya appears in detective attire. She also appears to hold a magnifier. What’s she probing into? The title easily points out that Loid has called Anya to his hospital. But something seems off. Without a good cause, Loid wouldn’t want to call him at his pretend office.

Did she get a school-related health assignment? Whatever the cause, it seems Loid wasn’t around. In the promo video, Anya seems to sneakily touch some spy stuff into the bookshelf. Fans also saw a cameo of a new character. But why is she in the hospital? It is possible that she may work as an undercover agent for Twilight. It has also hinted that she sees Anya and Yor as nothing more than a tool to Operation Strix. She shows no emotions. And it fits the title ‘Decipher The Code’.  

Spy X Family Episode 20

Previous Episode Recap!

Spy X Family Episode 19 brought Anya and Damian a little bit closer. The episode started with George Glooman. He heard something about Desmond Group bringing their company down. This made him think that he would no longer be able to afford school. As a result, George tried to plot a scheme to expel Damian. Anya learned his plot through her telepath skill. When he tried to accuse Damian falsely in front of the teacher, Anya came and defended Damian. After that, George confessed to Damian. He alleged that the Glooman company would go bankrupt due to the Damian Group. Thus, he tried to bring in sympathy for himself. Everyone treated him with gifts and meals for his supposed last day of school. 

Later on, George’s dad actually clarified that Damian Group bought their company. It saved them from bankruptcy. Therefore, the next day George had to go to school again with his face red all over. Meanwhile, Anya overslept and rushed to school. Yor thought that she forgot her gym uniform. Thus, Anya might get expelled. So, she secretly entered the school premise to deliver it. In the end, Anya told her that she didn’t have any gym classes. On her way back, Yor met Loid. The two then had a nice lunch together after a bad day!

Spy X Family Episode 20

Spy X Family Episode 20: Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 20 will return this week! It will come out on November 19, 2022. The fall 2022 anime airs every week on Saturdays at the usual time. Fans can catch all the episodes on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Muse Asia on Youtube is also airing the show. There is no news of any delays. But we will be sure to update you. Just keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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