Spy X Family Season 2 & Film Coming In 2023! Release Date & Staff Details

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The last episode of Spy X Family will be released soon in the upcoming weeks. Sad to see the Forger family go? Worry not. News details from the Jump Festa Event revealed very exciting news for the series fans. Spy X Family Season 2 will be released in the new year, and creator Tatsuya Endo gifted the fans with something special. The series has been a worldwide hit, and fans on Reddit are already talking about their expectations for the second season. So, here is everything that you need to know.

Besides the new season, the series will also get a film adaptation. The first season of the anime originally premiered on April 9, 2022. The second season later premiered on October 1, 2022. Shueisha Magazine is also currently publishing manga in English. Moreover, Viz Media is also working on publishing the manga in print. Considering the series’ popularity, the manga is also inspiring a stage musical adaptation at the moment. Keep reading to find out more.

spy x family season 2 trailerspy x family season 2 trailer

Spy X Family Season 2: Official Announcement

The Jump Festa Event announced on Sunday that Spy X Family would be getting a new season and a film. The release date for the two has also been revealed. The film will be completely unique with a different story. Endo, the creator of the series, will supervise the movie himself. A new design for all the characters is also currently in the works. Endo also released an image to celebrate the announcement of the film.

Kazuhiro Furuhashi will be the director of the anime. The direction of the anime will be taking place at Wit Studio and CloverWorks. Kazuaki Shimada is designing the series’ characters. Moreover, [K]NoW_NAME will be the music producer for the new season and the anime. Further details on the actors and television channel releases will be announced shortly. Look forward to the exciting reveal of the cast, as they are expected to be very talented.

spy x family season 2 revealspy x family season 2 reveal

Plot Details!

The second season of the show will be adapting the “Imperial Scholars Mixer” and the “Great Cruise Adventure” arcs. Loid will be coming face to face with the Operation Strix target, Donovan Desmond. Whereas, the “Great Cruise Adventure” will be following the Forger family. They will be going on their first trip together as a family. However, it seems that things might not go according to plan as Yor needs to undertake a mission. Her role as an assassin does not go with the mission she is taking up.

spy x family season 2 teaserspy x family season 2 teaser

Spy X Family Season 2: Release Date

A specific release date for the new season and the film has not yet been announced. However, they are set to release in the year 2023. The upcoming musical adaptation will be released in March-May of 2023. Are you looking forward to the new releases of this series? Keep reading The Anime Daily to stay informed about the latest updates and news.

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