SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56: War In Dokdu! Plot & Release Date

SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56

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The last chapter saw that ruler of Keshanto Archipelago has come to South Korea. He was in slumber. But the soldiers awoke him. This caused him extreme outrage. As a result, he has called his ships on the South Korean Ocean. The elder archlich, Detartron, has declared war upon the soldiers. To him, though, it’s just another form of excitement. Will anybody be able to put a stop to his tyranny? SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56 has all the answers! Here is everything you need to know about the Plot & Release Date.

In the next outing, Jeongdo must defend his country. The ministry of defense has called on him for assistance. While the ministry is worried, it seems that Jeongdo has a plan. Keep reading to know everything!

SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56

SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56: What Will Happen Next?

Chapter 56 will finally bring Jeongdo in action. The ministry will call other users too for help. The military is not enough to fight the war. Jin Gosu has called Jeongdo because of his reputation as a skilled person. But he will not be the only one to take part in the battle. There will be some familiar faces. The last chapter saw Hae Jun in the meeting. So fans already have an idea how serious the situation is at the moment. Therefore, the next arc is important.

At the same time, the Japanese forces has arrived too. They want to take the undead in Japan for their benefit. The Japanese want to establish their influence on the Dokdo region. It will be interesting to see how the relations between the two countries will take shape now.

SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56

Previous Chapter Recap!

The earlier chapter, SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 55, was the reason for the chaos. In Dokdo, a dungeon appeared. It’s the Detartron himself. He punished the soldiers for calling him during his rest. He was recovering his strength. But the soldiers ruined his plan. He declared war upon the forces. Thus, the Korean defense force was highly alert. They feared that the undead could reach their shores anytime. On the other hand, the Japanese force was looking to benefit from the outbreak. 

Sadly, the elder archlich sank their ship. To the Korean defense, their fate is still uncertain. Meanwhile, minister Jin Gosu invited Jeongdo and other users to a high-level meeting. They discussed ways to track the problem. Jeongdo agreed that he would help. But he said he need some time to prepare. Then he asked Hae Jun for a forge. He planned to forge the double dragon sword. Hero of the Joseon period, Yi Sunshin used it during his battle. Jeongdo had a hunch that the battle would be a naval one. And the double dragon is the perfect weapon for it. With this, Jeongdo hoped that the victory would be theirs.

SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56

SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56: Release Date

Only time will tell if Jeongdo will win the battle. But surely, the military has high expectations of him. Though, the previous chapter didn’t sit well with some people. Fans pointed out the rivalry between Japan and Korea. SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 56 is sure to please everyone. readers can catch up on all the chapters on the official pages of Kakaopage and Webtoon. The next chapter may come out on November 25, 2022. English translations may take a while to be out. We will keep you updated. So, keep checking back on this page! Stay tuned to The Anime Daily.

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