SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61: Dellapar Trial! Release Date & Plot

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

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SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61 is lined up for this week’s release. Fans are curious about how Jeongdo will tackle the next challenge. Jeongdo’s class had been falling short since he upgraded his stats. Now our Hero must find a way to make these two skills compatible. Jeongdo is worried that others may leave him behind in power. Yoo Seoyoon had leveled to 27 and Haesik to level 45. How is he going to keep up with them? Here is all you need to know about the plot and release date of chapter 61!

Next time in the show, all the players will assemble and have their way against Jeongdo. However, these are not normal players this time. Who are they? Keep reading to find out more!

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61: What Will Happen Next?

In chapter 61, Jeongdo will undergo a trial. He is on a new quest to keep up with skills stats. His class is not suitable for his new powers. The Gacha system is rejecting it. So Jeongdo has no choice but to continue the new quest. However, it’s not a usual one. Indeed, only a few beings in the universe have reached the limit and met the conditions to attempt this class trial quest. The first one will be the Dellapar trial. It will be a special mission along with several other supreme players.

With red gemstone crystal, Jeongdo must withstand all the odds. The red gemstone will protect him with a barrier around his body. All users who pass the trial will get a special honor of title in rewards. Will our Hero show his true strength against other players? As of yet, the webcomic’s author has spotlighted other characters. But now Jeongdo will take the screentime. So, it will be interesting to see how things will take a turn now!

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

A Quick Recap!

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 60 opened up in the dungeon. Jeongdo, Seoyoon, and Haesik were taking on class monsters to level up. The duo had improved quite a lot than the last time. And Jeongdo was quite impressed with their attack tactics. But he was particularly surprised that they leveled up with a massive jump in scores. He asked them if they looked over their status growth. However, Haesik and Seoyoon replied that they had yet checked the stats. Jeongdo warned them not to get excited too much when they do so.

Meanwhile, Jeongdo entered a secret dungeon to level his class. Gacha had selected a special location for his new quest. However, he was pulled in into the gates instantly. Beyond the gates was Speedy runner Grande, who was his trial guide. Grande gave him a red gemstone and pushed him to the Holy mountains. Several other powers players would now take the Dellapar trial to undergo a class change. Thus, the chapter ended on a cliffhanger, with Jeongdo seemingly ready to take on the challenge.

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61: Release Date

Only time will tell if Jeongdo will win the battle. But he won’t lose the chance to win the special title. This title will hold great influence over his future growth. Thus, fans are massively looking forward to the next outing. SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61 will officially release on January 8, 2023. Fans can read the manhwa only on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. New chapters come out every Friday. So, stick with The Anime Daily for more updates!

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