SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62: A Sneak Attack! Release Date & More

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62

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A lot happened in Jeongdo-nim’s journey. While he made several foes throughout his quest, he also made some allies to help support him on his journey. However, SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62 will create some complications in Jeongdo-nim’s life. This is because someone is looking for a sneak attack. The person’s identity remains unclear. But you will soon learn it in the upcoming chapter. Keep reading to know more.

The 62nd chapter will focus on Jeongdo-nim’s journey to become a guild master. He is currently focusing on his quest and recently found a follower interested in joining him. But they aren’t aware of the impending danger. Someone is keeping an eye on them, and now it remains unclear what this person’s intentions are.

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62: What Will Happen Next?

Jeongdo-nim has found a companion during his quest, and now both of them will embark on their journey. However, it seems like the giant wolf isn’t the only one who was looking for the sneak attack. At the end of the previous chapter, a strange man saw Jeongdo-nim and his partner enjoying themselves after establishing a bond. So the person may plan to attack Jeongdo-nim and steal the crystals he had occupied after defeating the giant wolf.

There is also the possibility that the strange person may chase them in order to learn their moves. He may be into finding more from Jeongdo-nim. Fans can also expect an appearance of a new clan that may challenge Jeongdo-nim and his partner in a battle. During this process, he will increase his points and become stronger. Further, he will come across the latest discoveries.

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62

A Quick Recap!

Previously in SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 61, Jeongdo-nim continued his mission to become the guild master. With the help of the dungeon map, he knew the exact position of the mountain and from where he was. So he decided to make a trap for other participants to lure and attack them to get more points. This way, he would become unmatchable and stronger amongst the other people. But soon, a fairy appeared and informed him to dodge as someone from their back was planning to attack them. Initially, he ignored her advice but later remained shocked after seeing a giant wolf.

He thought all the participants in the quest were humans, but he wasn’t right. His thought changed after seeing a giant beast. Before Jeongdo-nim could make his move, the wolf charged at him and bit his shoulder. But Jeongdo-nim successfully dodged it, so its bite did not harm him. Later he used his skills to attack the giant wolf. He used Dragon Tiger Strike to hit the wolf, but the beast stopped his attack. But in a split second, he realized that his sword had already caused damage to him. After losing the battle with Jeongdo-nim, the massive beast asked him to follow him on his journey, establishing the enormous wolf’s hierarchy.

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62

SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62: Release Date

The previous chapter came out earlier this year, but it’s been two weeks, and the manhwa doesn’t return with another chapter. Well, the manhwa doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it remains unclear when SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62 will come out. Considering the previous chapters’ release schedule, we expect SSS Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 62 to return on January 25, 2023. It will be out on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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