Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime: Additional Casts, Plot & Release Date OUT!

Sugar Apple Fairy Anime

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The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime, by Miri Mikawa and Aki, has been released recently. The anime will debut very soon, as confirmed by the most recent promotional trailer. The first light novel, written by Mikawa and illustrated by Aki, came out in April 2010. After turning the manga into a comic, High Yukimura released two volumes in 2013 and 2014 through their digital service, Hana to Yume Online. Here is everything you need to know!

The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale light book series is a collaboration between Japanese authors Miri Mikawa and aki, who both mostly create stories. Kadokawa Shoten has published seventeen Kadokawa Beans Bunko volumes as of February 2015. It was used to create two tankobon novels. Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen manga magazine Young Ace has been running a manga adaptation drawn by Yozora no Udon since November 2021. Yen Press has the right to distribute the light novel and the second manga in North America.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale AnimeSugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime: Official Announcement!

On Friday, four new cast members for the upcoming TV anime Sugar Apple Fairy Tale were announced on the site for the show. Elliott Collins will play Kazuyuki Okitsu. Ayumi Mano, played by Bridget Page. As Aya Yamane, Kathy plays a pivotal role. In the role of Minoru Suzuki, Benjamin. Youhei Suzuki is directing the TV anime. However, The series’ music part is composed by Seishi Minakami, and the characters are designed by Haruko. Hinako is the composer.

On March 25, Yen Press acquired the rights to publish the light novel. So, in October 2021, we can expect the second manga installment. The new trailer is a great depiction of the story that is coming up. The new trailer is right here:

What Is The Plot?

According to the Yen Press’s summary, the story is about how humans and fae do not get along in a world where fairies can be bought and sold to whoever has the most money. But Anne Halford wants nothing more than to become friends with Challe, her new fairy protector, even though he is not particularly enthusiastic about the prospect. Because she is now his new master, Anne gives him the responsibility of guiding her through a particularly hazardous region. However, because he is a reluctant bodyguard ready to leave a life of servitude, she will have to cope with more than she bargained for.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale AnimeSugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime: Release Date

The second light novel book comes out on January 17, 2023, while the first manga volume is on April 18, 2023. The anime’s debut episode will run on January 6, 2023, at 9:30 p.m. First AT-X, then Tokyo MX, BS Asahi, Sun TV, and finally, KBS Kyoto. Crunchyroll also said at their Expo 2022 that the anime would be available to stream. Keep an eye out for further information.

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