Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime Confirms Debut For 2023! Release Date & Plot Details

Sugar Apple Fairy Anime

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The popular series Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime is based on a fantasy novel of the same name. In the Anne books, a young woman named Anne lives in the Kingdom of Highland, a world where fairies serve humans in exchange for human labor. Since Anne’s mother has recently passed away, she has taken it upon herself to continue the family business and become a Silver Sugar Master. The latest announcement brings the confirmation of the anime version of Sugar Apple Fairy Anime. So, here is all you need to know about it!

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is a light novel series written by Miri Mikawa and illustrated by aki. On Friday, the official website for the TV anime showed promotional videos and images. A sneak peek at the opening theme song, “Musical,” by Minori Suzuki, and the closing theme song, “Kanaeru” (To Grant), by Sumire Morohoshi, is also available. In addition, more members of the anime’s cast are revealed.

Sugar Apple Fairy Anime

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime: New Trailer Out

The cast, cover image, and trailer for the upcoming TV anime Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime were all made public on Friday. Takuma Terashima (Cat), Reiji Kawashima (Jonas Anders), and Yuto Uemura (Keith Powell) are the three newest additions to the cast. A preview clip and image for the anime were released in the past. Studio J.C.Staff is doing the animation for the series. The director is Yohei Suzuki, while the composer for the series is Seishi Minakami. The character designs are by Iizuka Haruko, and the music is by Flying Dog. You can check the new trailer on the YouTube channel of Crunchyroll!

Sugar Apple Fairy Anime

What Is The Plot?

As per the official synopsis, a young lady named Anne lives in the Kingdom of Highland, where fairies work for the benefit of mankind. Since Anne’s mother has recently passed away, she has taken it upon herself to continue the family business and become a Silver Sugar Master. However, she leaves on a trip to the capital accompanied by Charles, her foul-mouthed fairy bodyguard.

Anne Halford is a candy maker who wants to earn the same title as her mother. However, Silver Sugar Master is given solely to members of the royal family. He employs Challe, a stunning but foul-mouthed fairy, to accompany him on his journey to the capital. Anne can’t wait to become best friends with her new acquaintance. However, Challe treads carefully because humans are the enemy, and fairies are viewed as property on her planet. For the fairies of this planet, humans are the enemy. Is there a chance he’ll change his mind if he goes on this vacation with Anne?

Sugar Apple Fairy Anime m

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime: Release Date

The popular “Sugar Apple Fairy Tale” fantasy light novel series is a joint effort between Miri Mikawa and Aki. The manga came out in November 2012, and an anime is due in 2023. Nonetheless, the original publication date was March 2010. Anne Halford, a young candy maker, is the protagonist of this tale. She lives in a world where fairies are property. It will be interesting to see how this story comes to life in the show. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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