Fall 2022 Seiyuu of the Season Rankings

Fall 2022 Seiyuu of the Season

Whose voice resonated with everyone the most during the Fall 2022 anime season? Anime Corner held our biggest poll regarding voice actors yet with a total of 86 nominees. The poll accumulated over 40,000 people voting for their favorites. Without further ado, here are the top seiyuu for the Fall 2022 anime season! Top 45 […]

Summer 2022 Seiyuu of the Season Rankings

Seiyuu of the Season Summer 2022

Anime Corner’s seiyuu seasonal poll is here once again, as the Summer 2022 anime season slowly wraps up. This time around, the poll had a total of 58 nominees, with 32 female and 26 male Japanese voice actors. Over 12,000 people voted in this season’s polls and the results are now in so without further […]