Takt Op. Destiny Release Schedule (Episode 1-12), Next Episode Release Date and Time, Complete Watch Guide

Takt Op. Destiny Release Schedule (Episode 1-12),

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Takt Op. Destiny is an upcoming sci-fi anime which takes place in the near future in America which has been ravaged by space monsters. It is one of the most anticipated of this season since Studio MAPPA and Madhouse two of the biggest anime studios are collectively working on it.

The production is led by Yuuki Itoh as the director with Kiyoko Yoshimura handling the series’ scripts. Yoshihiro Ike is composing the music and LAM is providing the original character designs. It is part of a Multimedia project by Bandai Namo and DeNa which includes a mobile game of the same name.

Episode 1 of Takt Op. Destiny is scheduled to release on October 6, 2021, at 12:00, am JST and is confirmed to run for 12 episodes with a new one releasing every Wednesday night. This season a lot of anime are coming out and there may be many anime that you might want to watch. So it will be difficult to keep track of all the anime that you want to watch.

That’s why we have created this Takt Op. Destiny Release schedule which will help you keep up with all the release dates of its episode 1 to 12 and help you know when the next episode will air.


Plot Of The Anime:

In the story of the anime, one day a black meteorite fell on the world, and the world completely changed. The meteorite produced grotesque monsters called D2, which started running rampant. D2 very quickly banned all music, which was the one thing able to overcome them. But there were some people who resisted the D2. They are young women who hold the power of music, the “Musicart.” These young women hold “scores” that are able to defeat the monsters. And there are also people who lead these women, the Conductor.

The anime takes place in America in the year 2047, which has fallen to ruin thanks to the D2. Takt, a Conductor, is partnered with a Musicart named Unmei. Takt yeans for music to be returned to the world, and Unmei wishes to destroy the D2. Their aim is to travel to New York.

Takt Op. Destiny Episode Release Schedule

Episode No. Release Date
Episode 1 October 6, 2021
Episode 2 October 13, 2021
Episode 3 October 20, 2021
Episode 4 October 27, 2021
Episode 5 November 3, 2021
Episode 6 November 10, 2021
Episode 7 November 17, 2021
Episode 8 November 24, 2021
Episode 9 December 1, 2021
Episode 10 December 8, 2021
Episode 11 December 15, 2021
Episode 12 December 22, 2021

Where Can I Watch Takt Op. Destiny anime online?

Takt Op. Destiny Release Schedule

Viewers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico can watch the new episodes of Takt Op. Destiny on Crunchyroll in its original Japanese dub with English subtitles. The Premium Subscribers will get to watch episodes on the day of the Japanese release, whereas the free users will have to wait until next week to watch the premiere episode.

On the Ani-One Asia has licensed the show for their audience. The latest episodes will be available on their YouTube channel along with multiple subtitles options such as Chinese, Malay, Thai Indonesian and English.

Amazon Prime Video is streaming the show in Japan along with local TV networks.

The episodes will first air on Japanese local TV networks and then will arrive on the above-mentioned streaming platforms within 1-3 hours. Here is when the same episode will release in your region:

  • Pacific Time: 9-10 AM
  • Central Time: 11-12 AM
  • Eastern Time: 12-1 PM
  • British Time: 5-6 PM
  • Indian Time: 10-11 PM

How Many Episodes Will It Have?

It has been announced that the “Takt Op. Destiny” anime will have a total of 12 episodes and which will air from October 6, 2021, to December 22, 2021. A new episode will be released every week on Wednesday at 12:00 AM JST.

When The Case Study of Vanitas English dub for will release?

Unfortunately as of writing, there is no official confirmation when the English dub for Takt Op. Destiny will release. However taking into account the popularity of the series in English speaking countries and the fact the anime streaming giant Crunchyroll is streaming, who lately have been producing dubs for almost all of their popular shows such as Rent-A-Girlfriend, I am a Spider so what; it is relatively safe to say that an English dub will be announced very soon.

Will The Anime Come to Netflix?

If we talk about it coming to Netflix, that’s not gonna happen, at least for quite a while. The series might get available on Netflix after the season has concluded.

Staff Details of the anime

Directed by Yuuki Itoh
Written by Kiyoko Yoshimura
Music by Yoshihiro Ike
Studio MAPPA and Madhouse
Licensed by Crunchyroll
Original network TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo
English network Aniplus Asia
Original run October 6, 2021 – December 22, 2021
Episodes 12

More About Takt Op. Destiny

Takt Op. Destiny Anime Key Visual
Takt Op. Destiny Anime Key Visual

Takt Op. Destiny’s story is set in America in the year 2042. It features a group of monsters called D2, who arrived on Earth and banned music while also devastating everything in their path.

However, “Musicarts,” a group of young women who hold the power of music, are making a stand against these monsters. Apparently, these women are supervised by others called “Conductor,” and they have “Scores” that can defeat the enemies. The story follows one of the Musicarts, Unmei, who teams up with the Conductor, Takt, to complete the objective.

Well, that’s all for today. We will keep you updated with any new news related to Takt Op. Destiny anime. Meanwhile, check out the release schedules for Komi-san Can’t communicate and Mieruko-chan.

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