The Dangers In My Heart Anime: Trailer OUT, Cast & Release Date

The Dangers In My Heart Anime

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The characters in “The Dangers in My Heart” manga initially have a tense relationship, as is typical of romantic comedies. The series, created by Norio Sakurai, has been running in manga magazines since 2018, and it topped the charts for “manga fans’ wish to see it animated” in 2021. It is getting an anime adaptation. On Monday, we looked at the new trailer and a crucial graphic for the upcoming The Dangers in My Heart anime series, and we learned more about the show’s staff and cast. Here is everything you want to know!

Studio Shin-Ei Animation will finish the animation for this show, making it the first show they’ve announced for 2023. The show is scheduled to premiere in April of that year. Norio Sakurai, the author and illustrator recently showed off the artwork’s development process on Instagram and has now finished the piece. First, before you write it off as some strange fetish, know that Kyotaro feels this way because he despises well-known people like Anna.

The Dangers in My Heart Anime

The Dangers In My Heart Anime: Official Announcement

Avex said on Monday that the anime version of Norio Sakurai’s The Dangers in My Heart manga would be shown for the first time in Japan in April 2023 on TV Asahi. The firm has also produced a promotional film and a second teaser visual for the anime, as well as announced the anime’s core cast and staff. The Dangers in My Heart is ideal for fans of romantic comedies who enjoy stories with unusual or unusual themes.

Shinei Animation veteran Hiroaki Akagi is directing the anime. Jukki Hanada writes the show’s scripts, and Masato Katsumata is in charge of character design. Shun Horie, known for playing Kazuya Kinoshita in the anime Rent-A-Girlfriend, will do Kyotaro Ichikawa’s voice. Hina Yomiya, the voice of the show’s main female character, Anna Yamada, will also be there. A new key visual also shows the scene in the library where Ichikawa is reading a book, and Yamada blushes as she looks at him.

What Is The Plot?

As per the synopsis of the show, the main character, Kyotaro Ichikawa, is a shy and awkward student whose classmates always pick on him. Because he thinks of himself as the main character in a scary psychological thriller. He tries to find ways to make trouble for his other classmates. Anna Yamada, the object of his affection, is a class idol. But he had no idea that she, too, was a little offbeat. He daydreams about ways to cause trouble for his peers and secretly has a crush on the school’s idol, Anna Yamada. Kyotaro, on the other hand, is not nearly as troubled as he makes it seem. And Anna has been revealed to have some peculiarities of her own.

Only the characters’ voices and Kyotaro’s insistence that he doesn’t care about Anna are heard in the teaser. It also hints at the pivotal event of their relationship—their first meeting in the library. When the manga fans read the scene in the library, they would know that everything is going to happen in the plot now. Anna tells Kyotaro she has a serious sugar tooth, and he can’t believe what a nerd she is.

The Dangers in My Heart Anime

The Dangers In My Heart Anime: Release Date

In April 2023, tune in for another uplifting romantic comedy set in the everyday world. The manga first appeared in 2018 in Weekly Shonen Champion. After some organizational changes, it appeared in a different publication. HIDIVE will provide live streaming of the anime as it is broadcast in Japan. The fifth volume was released in English on October 4th, shortly after the seventh volume was released. To learn more, please check back later.

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