The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19: Dancing Doll! Release Date & Spoilers

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Cid Kagenou fears nothing. However, it came as a surprise to fans when Cid felt intimidated by his elder sister. Although Cid is not particularly attached to his sister, he obeys and respects her like a good little brother. He believes that 70% of the Bushin Festival has been completed. However, The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19 will see how achieving the remaining 30% of the festival goals will not be a difficult task for him. His next opponent will be a huge surprise to him and the viewers as well. So, here are all the spoilers for the next episode.

Cid’s elder sister was not hesitant to strangle Cid for not keeping his promise. Moreover, the previous episode saw Iris’ shock at seeing Perv at the tournament. Annerose also tries her best to win the tournament. However, despite whatever she tries, she ends up getting defeated by Mundane’s ability to control his spacing. The entry of Beatrix at the tournament also shocked Iris once again. Cid also ends up breaking another promise with his sister. So, keep reading to find out what will happen to Cid next.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19 c teaserThe Eminence In Shadow Episode 19 c teaser

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 19 of the anime will be “Dancing Doll.” The episode will see intense and beautiful swordplay between Mundane Mann and princess Iris Midgar. However, Iris has several wounds from her previous fights. She will be at a huge loss in this fight. She had won the previous Bushin Tournament fight. It seems that Cid had willingly let her win the fight.

At the same time, Rose Oriana will be interfering in the tournament. She is currently trying to seek revenge by killing Perv Asshat. He has been using the King of Oriana as his puppet. Rose will also later run into Beta. She will also run into her division of the Shadow Garden.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19 ce preview (1).v1The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19 ce preview (1).v1

Previous Episode Recap!

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 18 was titled “Betting on a Moment.” Cid gets bullied by his elder sister, Claire, for not spending the summer vacations with her. She gives Bushin Festival tickets to Cid. She asks him to come and see her become a champion. He realizes that his sister has given her a VIP ticket as he sits beside princess Iris Midgar and other royalties. Later, Iris runs into Beatrix. They have small talk and give each other small burgers. Perv also shows up at the tournament which surprises Iris.

Whereas, Annerose believes she has completed her research on every move of Mundane’s. She believes that she can finally defeat him now. However, her research is of no use as Mundane increases his speed. He leaves afterimages behind and ends up defeating Annerose. Later, War Goddess Beatrix also shows up at the Bushin Festival tournament, which further surprises Iris. Cid also finishes 70% of the Bushin Festival’s goals with the help of Annerose Nichtsehen. The episode ends with trouble awaiting Cid as he breaks yet another promise with his sister. Claire now waits outside his apartment.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19 e spoiler.v1The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19 e spoiler.v1

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19: Release Date

The new episode will release on February 8, 2023, at 10:30 pm JST. It will be available to watch on A-TX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and Tokyo MX channels. Other viewers can also watch it on HiDive. For further updates, stay tuned to The Anime Daily.

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