The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7: Will Cid Date Sherry? Release Date & Plot

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7

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As the anime progresses, it is revealed that Shadow Garden had nothing to do with all these murders. In fact, somewhere else is behind this slaughtering. But it remains unclear who they are. So now the team has to take strict action to deal with this menace. Further, The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7 will be quite jubilant as everyone will be busy enjoying their tournament, except Cid. He has a lot to deal with in the upcoming episode. Keep reading to know more.

Now in the seventh episode, Cid will try to maintain a low profile to avoid any attention in the tournament. Meanwhile, someone special will show up, but unfortunately, Cid will have a face-off with this person. As for Sherry, she will try to figure out something.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

The following episode, titled “Conspiracy And Bloody Swordsmanship Tournament,” will focus on the Bushin Festival Tournament held by the Midgar Academy of Dark Arts. The students will take part in this competition, including Cid. Although Cid can defeat everyone, he will keep a low profile. He doesn’t want to draw attention, So instead of doing his best, he will intentionally fail to look like an ordinary loser.

Apart from this, Rose Oriana will finally make her debut. The Oriana Kingdom’s princess will participate in a swordsmanship competition and fight against Cid. Now, Cid has to do his best to defeat her. But his mind will continue to think about Sherry, who asked her about the chocolate. She asked why he had given her the chocolate and whether he was into her. Now Cid has to answer her questions before the situation turns dramatic.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7

A Quick Recap!

In the sixth episode of The Eminence In Shadow, the false Shadow Garden started committing murder. A cult relic was recovered, so Iris gave it to Sherry, the pink-haired student, and the kingdom’s most brilliant researcher. Meanwhile, Cid’s friends Skel and Po took him to a new department store that his subordinate Gamma opened to fund Shadow Garden, which had many branches worldwide. He was impressed but was convinced Gamma was role-playing, unaware that this made him the wealthiest man in the world. Later, Cid met Nu, the newest Shadow. On his way home, he found Alexia fighting many murderers.

But he saved her and slaughtered everyone, excluding one, whom he handed to Nu for interrogation. Elsewhere, Gaunt Knight, the murderer’s boss, confirmed they had located the relic. Alexia confirmed that the real murderers were someone else, not Shadow Garden. However, Iris still insisted that Shadow Garden was enemies of the kingdom. As for Skell, he bought chocolate for his lady. But her fiance punished him. Po also confessed to a girl but later was arrested as a stalker. As for Cid, he decided to hand the remaining chocolate to anyone. So he gave it to Sherry. But her adoptive father informed her that it meant a love confession. He then asked her to answer Cid as soon as possible instead of letting him wait.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7: Release Date

Now Cid has to select where he wants to go. This time the situation is tough, and Cid needs to deal with it peacefully. You will catch it in The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7, which will air on November 16, 2022, at 10.30 pm JST. It will be available on the local Japanese network, such as Sun TV, Tokyo MX, A-TX, and KBS Kyoto. The international audience can stream it on HiDive. This is all for now. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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