The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Trailer, Visuals Released! Cast, Plot & RELEASE DATE

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After the success of Season 1 of The Fruit of Evolution, there might be good news for fans of the series! It might appear that Seiichi is finally getting serious about his monkey business in The Fruit of Evolution Season 2. In a video-game-like world, seeing Seiichi turn from a loser to a successful winner will certainly be interesting. But the question is, will Seiichi be able to continue as a winner? What are the chances that his life goes back to the old way? Would that mean Seiichi would go back to being a loser? Keep reading to know more.

The debut season of The Fruit of Evolution is still being talked about by fans. The series is based on the light novel series novels. Whereas, the writers are Miku and U35. The first season is also currently available to watch on Crunchyroll as well. There have been huge discussions in anime subreddits and Twitter about this upcoming season.

the fruit of evolution season 2 visual.v1

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2: Official Announcement

The upcoming second season of The Fruit of Evolution released a second full-length trailer and a Japanese premiere date. The trailer previews new characters, an opening theme song, and an ending theme song. Moreover, Nano will be performing the opening theme song, “Evolution.” Erii Yamazaki will be performing the ending theme song “Adore Me.” 

Chiharu Sawashiro will be playing the role of Demiorius. Ami Koshimizu will be voicing the character of Anglea. Others like Lynn and Rui Tanabe will be voicing Beatrice and Helen. Shoya Ishige and Toshinari Fukamichi will join the cast as Brood and Theobolt. Minoru Shinaishi will be voicing the role of Agnos.

the fruit of evolution season 2 trailer

Yoshiaki Okumura will act as a chief director in The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 instead of as a director. Besides, Fukase Shigeru will be placing him as the director. Mitsuki Iroha and Hayashi Nobude will be working on the character designs. On top of that, Ichikawa Gigaemon will be responsible for the series composition and the script.

What Will Happen In The New Season?

The story focuses on the protagonist Hiragi Seiichi. His life completely changes when his school transports him to another world. This new world is almost video-game-like and is full of swords and sorcery. One day, Saria, a gorilla, attacks him and simply wants to be close to him. Sadly, tragedy occurs once he slowly starts opening up to Saria. He even accidentally eats “The Fruit of Evolution,” which turns him into a successful winner. Things change when he gets an invite as an instructor to a magical academy.

the fruit of evolution season 2 preview

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2: Release date

We know you had been excited to watch this series. New episodes of The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 will be here in no time. The series is set to premiere on January 13, 2023, at 24:33 JST in Japan. Other details for international fans and viewers have not yet been released. How excited are you for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below! Keep reading The Anime Daily intel for more updates and announcements.

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