The Girl From The Other Side Anime Gets English Dub On Crunchyroll! Release Date & More

the girl from the other side anime reveal

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The beautiful visuals and art style of this anime have everybody blown away. Seeing how pleasing to the eye the art of the anime is, fans are heavily looking forward to the release of The Girl from the Other Side Anime. Moreover, the anime’s subtitle is Siúil, a Rún from an Irish traditional song. The series is also licensed for an English-language release by Seven Seas Entertainment. The release of the anime news has received majorly positive reactions from fans in Japan and worldwide. So, without further delay, here is everything you need to know.

The anime adaptation is from a manga of the same name. The writer and illustrator of the manga is Nagabe. The manga was first serialized from September 2015 up to March 2021. The manga’s final 11th main volume was shipped in April 2021. The manga also has a 10-minute original animation DVD which even received a nomination at the 9th Chitose International Animation Film, 2022. So, keep reading to find out more!

the girl from the other side anime characterthe girl from the other side anime character

The Girl From The Other Side Anime: Official Announcement

WIT Studio will be providing an English dub for the anime. Crunchyroll has also revealed the release date for the dub. The main cast includes Sarah Wiedenheft, Gary Furlong, and Ian Sinclair as Shiva, Teacher, and Outsider, respectively. Jason Liebrecht and Jerry Jewell also join the cast as Soldier and Hunter. Other cast members include Ben Balmaceda, Kieran Flitton, and Caitlin Glass. Molly Searcy and Marcus Stimac will also be a part of the cast as additional voices.

Emily Fajardo is the director of the English dub of the anime. Zachary Davis is the lead engineer, while Tylor Walker is working on writing the English script for the anime. Benjamin Tehrani is also responsible for the ADR script.

the girl from the other side anime trailerthe girl from the other side anime trailer

Plot Details!

According to Seven Seas Entertainment, the anime is about a world split between The Inside and The Outside. People living on both sides of the realm cannot go over to the other side. The story is about Shiva, a young girl who lives on the other side of an almost empty village. She happens to have a demonic guardian known as the “Teacher.” The two are not allowed to touch but share a special bond despite their appearance and realms. However, things start to change when Shiva leaves Teacher to go to her grandmother.

the girl from the other side anime teaser (1)the girl from the other side anime teaser (1)

The Girl from The Other Side Anime: Release Date

Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime dub from December 22, 2022. Be sure to check it out and not miss out on the anime! Make sure to comment your thoughts on the dub in the comments below. Stay updated with The Anime Daily intel for more.

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