The God Of Highschool Chapter 570: ‘Welcome Back’ Mori Is Home! Plot & Release Date

The God of Highschool Chapter 570

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A new hero is about to rise. And it is none other than Mori’s daughter, Taejin. In the latest chapter of The God of Highschool, Taejin Park struggles with her identity. She is Mori’s adoptive daughter. But she is also the biological daughter of Mujin, who is a tyrant in the world’s eyes. Thus, Taejin feels that everyone despises her. But she quickly proved herself wrong to the fans. Meanwhile, The Supreme God has finally come to Earth after a year. What will happen next? The God of Highschool Chapter 570 has all the answers! 

Fans will see more of Taejin in the upcoming one. She will now take Mori’s place. Right now, the globe is in total chaos. She needs to come forward. This time, she must prove herself. Will she be able to succeed? Read on to know more!

The God of Highschool Chapter 570

The God of Highschool Chapter 570: What Will Happen Next?

The chapter will show how Taejin sees the world through her lens. Being a malformed youngster, it’s hard for her to have a normal social life. Nobody sees her as 17. So, people treat her as a kid. But now people will take her seriously. She is starting to take responsibility. In the next outing, she will learn how to take control of her powers. She possesses the power of Mujin and Mori because she is the daughter of both.  It is also possible that she can well surpass Mori. But right now, she feels inferior. Fans will know what it feels like to be the daughter of The Supreme God. 

On the other hand, Mori is finally home. His surprised visit shook everyone. He was fighting around the corners of the universe all this time. This is a crucial moment for both him and Taejin. Park Taejin is struggling. And right now, she needs her dad the most. The next outing will show fans some quality time of the duo’s relationship.

The God of Highschool Chapter 570

Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 569 of The God of Highschool, Park Taejin formally introduced herself to the readers. Fans got to know that she is the daughter of Mujin. Her adoptive parents are Mori and Ahan Dan. Taejin revealed that she thinks others have negative opinions about her. Meanwhile, a piece of God appeared. Everyone evacuated except Taejin. She stayed back to save them. Unfortunately, it seemed that Yeoui didn’t respond to her. Thus, Mira and Daewi came to rescue her. All of a sudden, a huge pole was about to fall. Millions would die. Daewi asked if Taejin’s Yeoui did it. She feared she would become a killer like her dad, Mujin.

While the pole was falling, Mori came out of nowhere to stop it. But he didn’t need to use his powers. Taejin froze it. Everyone was really happy to see Mori after so long. King Uma came and greeted him. Sujin Lee also invited him to her shop. Mori thanked everyone. The reason he came back was due to Taejin’s birthday. However, she disappeared from the scene. Mori found her and consoled her. And he even told her to count on him if she ever faces any trouble. Afterward, he gave her a gift from Mujin for her 17th birthday. Meanwhile, Ahan Dan came in and greeted him. The chapter ended after the three went back home.

The God of Highschool Chapter 570

The God of Highschool Chapter 570: Release Date

Now that Mori has returned, things will get interesting. He will help Taejin find her true potential. The God of Highschool Chapter 570 will release on November 25, 2022. Fans can catch all the chapters on Naver Webtoon and Kakaopage. There is no news of any delay yet. But we will keep you updated. Keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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