The God Of Highschool Chapter 572: New Era Incoming! Release Date & Plot

The God Of High School Chapter 572

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After saying goodbye to Mori, The God Of Highschool enters a new era where his daughter will play a significant role. However, she holds both Mori and Mubong’s power, so trusting her won’t be the right choice that people will make in The God Of Highschool Chapter 572. She can have cryptic thoughts and might follow his step-father Mubong’s path. So stay connected with us to know how things will unfold now.

The upcoming storyline will focus on the new era and say goodbye to Mori’s era. Earth needs new heroes who can help and protect the people from the baddies. Taejin will be their last hope, who will continue to learn about her powers in the upcoming chapter.

The God Of High School Chapter 572

The God Of Highschool Chapter 572: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will focus on the end of Mori’s era. He left the world to continue his journey and make a balance between heaven and mortal life. However, in his absence, the human promised to take good care of his daughter, Taejin. The God Of Highschool Chapter 572 will explore the new era in which Taejin will play a significant role. She has the power of both of her dads- Mori and Mubong.

She can use both of the powers to work effectively. However, she gets an offer from a stranger. He reveals that if she passes the test, they will do whatever she wants them to do. No wonder she accepts it and heads to the wrestling ring. There she fights with Mira’s daughter, and luckily she wins the match. But Taejin will soon learn about the organization, which will be troublesome for her and her family.

The God Of High School Chapter 572

A Quick Recap!

In the 571st chapter of The God Of Highschool, a lot happened. It explored various characters’ story arcs. Starting with Bora Ma and his wife Gi Gwim’s life. They were worried about the new shopping mall complex that opened before their shop. Bora hadn’t shown any interest in it, but after noticing that, he realized that the shopping mall had grown up and they should focus on it. It resulted from the merger between the Sixsung group and the JG group. Now the newest CEO is the most influential CEO in the world,

However, he wanted to raise his standard to become the business tycoon of the world. But for that, he needed to defeat the legend of the shadows. He engaged in a battle with the legend of the shadows to showcase his power. They brutally fought each other and lost a lot of blood. But the legend of the light believed he won, and soon he launched his biography. Later the scene shifted to Mori as he revealed he was leaving the world. He left the earth, and everyone prayed for him.

The God Of High School Chapter 572

The God Of Highschool Chapter 572: Release Date

Taejin will continue to explore her powers and what path she wants to explore. You will learn it in The God Of Highschool Chapter 572, which will come out on December 9, 2022. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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