The God Of Highschool Chapter 573 ON BREAK: Park Taejin’s Highschool Debut! Release Date & Plot

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573

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Mori may have bid farewell to earth and his school, but his daughter will begin a new chapter in The God Of Highschool. Previously, fans saw Mori spending his last time with his family and friends. After he went to another part of the cosmos, the people lit balloon lanterns to honor him. Now Park Taejin will take the lead in The God Of Highschool Chapter 573! Thus, a new student has joined Mori’s school to embark on her journey. Here is all you need to know about chapter’s release date and plot.

Next time in God of Highschool, Taejin will prove she can take Mori’s place. Is she fit for the protagonist’s job in the new chapter? Well, this is just the beginning. There is still a lot of room for her character development. And her new high school will be crucial to shaping her as the lead hero!

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573The God Of Highschool Chapter 573

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573: What Will Happen Next?

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573 will focus on the wrestling ring match between Park Taejin and another character. No details about the latter are out yet. So, the character will officially debut in the next chapter. Park Taejin will do her best to win the match. This tournament will bring her to the forefront. So far, she had been under Mori’s shadow. But now she will come to the spotlight. Being Mubong’s biological daughter, she will need to prove how she would protect the people of earth. 

On the other hand, Mori has entrusted the planet to Park Taejin, Uncle Daewi, and others. Thus, she will take responsibility as God’s daughter. She has both the powers of Mubong and Mori. So, the next chapter will showcase her strength. Chapter 571 hinted that she could control some portion of her powers which is just the tip of a big iceberg. The coming tournament will unravel her strength!

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573The God Of Highschool Chapter 573

A Quick Recap!

Previously in The God Of Highschool Chapter 572, Mori took his farewell. Meanwhile, the plot explored and concluded the arcs of many other characters. Bora Ma was now Gi Gwim’s wife. Both opened their own shopping complex, Gi Gwim Mart. Gi Gwim took after his father and was natural at business. His sons were hooked up on hip-hop and rapping. On the other hand, the Sixsung and JG groups now merged to form a bigger company. The CEO of the new company was now the 7th most influential person on earth, according to forces.

Even though he achieved so much, his zeal for an iron-fist tycoon who could dominate the world didn’t end there. He engaged in a battle with the legend of shadows. However, both the godfather of shadows and light didn’t accept their defeat. But the end resulted in spilling a lot of blood from either group. The panel then turned over to Mori. It was time for him to leave. He promised he would come any instant if Park Taejin ever needed him.

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573The God Of Highschool Chapter 573

The God Of Highschool Chapter 573: Release Date

Fans can catch up on all the chapters on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Sadly, The God Of Highschool Chapter 573 will not come any time soon. After the author Park Yongje concluded Mori’s story, he took a break from writing webtoons. He will spend time off with his family and focus on other projects. However, The Anime Daily team will keep you updated. For more updates on The God Of Highschool, stay tuned.

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