The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 89: Demons Inside The Portal! Release Date & More!

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 89

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Kim Gigyu dealt with many monsters and awakened people in the past few chapters. However, things will be different in The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 89. Well, fans have seen him dealing with the deadliest danger smoothly. He even never gave up and defeated the strongest enemy swiftly. However, this time they are heading to a new territory where things will be upside down. Can he handle this situation? Keep reading to know more.

Now the forthcoming chapter will focus on Gigyu’s decision. He will warn everyone before they can enter the gate. He will reveal the truth behind the gate and ask everyone to map a strategy before leading to any conclusion.

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 89

The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 89: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will open up from where it left off. Gigyu will reveal that the five gates and all the twenty gates are abandoned territory and may consist of demons. It surprised everyone as they didn’t expect to hear this. Gigyu also stated that they need to map a strategy before heading inside the gate as they can be deadly. Everyone will reconsider their decision and try to figure out what they should do.

After deciding, they need to think thoroughly before entering those gates. Everyone will conclude to join forces with the guild instead of heading alone. They decide to stay in contact with each other so they can handle the situation and help each other. Gigyu will decide to enter first and tell them whether it’s safe to enter.

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 89

A Quick Recap!

The 88th chapter of The Player That Can’t Level Up opened up with Ranker Kim Gigyu heading to join the official meeting of the mercenary. However, his driver was over-stressed as the guild president scolded him for not fulfilling his duty. However, Kim encouraged him to stay positive. His driver asked him if he didn’t feel comfortable and could wear a mask, but Kim refused as he wanted to expose his identity. After reaching the hall, he sensed various strong mana suggesting that the remaining mercenaries were stronger than he expected.

Everyone was surprised to see him. Even a person asked him about his codename, but he refused to reveal it. Later the president started the meeting and revealed the sudden appearance of the five magical gates. He asked them to investigate those gates. But Kim Dohyung said he wouldn’t participate in this quest, surprising Gigyu as he knew Dohyung was once a member of the greatest guild. They agreed to participate when the president offered them a huge reward. But Gigyu revealed that he had already investigated that gate, and they appeared as the demon territory, leaving everyone surprised.

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 89

The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 89: Release Date

Gigyu is working on his plan, unaware of whether it will work. But after meeting with their enemies, things will turn dark. Will he deal with the enraging demons? You will find it in The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 89, which will come out on November 26, 2022, on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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