The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2: Renewal Likely! Release Date & More!

The World's Finest Assassin Season 2

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Setting aside the amount of turmoil that the anime industry had to face in 2021, the year was filled with incredible stories. Shows like Odd Taxi and Ranking of Kings made a huge impact in the overall anime cinema. In the same chain, The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat was another wonderful story. This was an isekai that had a unique story to tell besides the one that fans have been hearing long enough. So, what are the chances of watching the series once again? Is it renewed for a second season? Here is all you need to know about The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2.

Better known as Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru in Japan, The World’s Finest Assassin is a banner isekai of its time. The name first came into existence back in July 2018 as a novel series by Rui Tsukiyo. After the light novel was released in February 2019, the demands for anime adaptations began to rise. Thus, Studio Silver Link and Studio Palette started the joint venture in 2021. The first episode came out in October 2021. Now, all eyes are upon the release of the second season.

The World's Finest Assassin Season 2

The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2: Renewal Status

With the last update only coming on December 22, 2021, with the release of the finale episode, it is clear that The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2 has not been renewed. Neither of the two studios has opened up about the release of the next season as of yet. However, the hopes for the second season are still high. Many times, the studio back on the availability of empty slots to release an anime adaptation. In the case of the first season, Silver Link found the best Fall 2021 slate to release a new series.

However, the same cannot be said for the second season. In the last two years, the demand for isekai anime has dropped exponentially. Thus, it is not known if a series of similar concepts and formulas would work in the future. As for the first season of The World’s Finest Assassin, the show was rated 7.5/10 on IMDb. While this number seems high enough, it was given by less than a thousand users. On the other hand, a hundred thousand MyAnimeList users have rated this show above 7.5 stars.

With such good numbers, the reception seems decent enough for a renewal. But are the studios ready to bring back the series? Keep reading ahead to find out.

Production Updates

At the time of writing, there is no update from either of the studios that have worked on the animations of the first season. While Studio Silver Link is a considerably large name in the anime industry, Studio Palette is more likely to pick up the story for a second season. The only piece of information the gives a clue of the return of season 2 is the tweet by artist Hamao Sumeragi that came after the release of the final episode. The Illustrator of the manga posted a new artwork on the day the anime ended.

This hinted that he, like the fans of the anime, was also hoping to see the second season. However, his was not confirmed by any of the staff persons working in the anime wing. Thus, it is notable that the primary hindrance is incoming from the animation section. However, fans may not have to worry about the renewal as Silver Link always has gifted fans with sequels one after the other.

Is There Enough Source Material?

For the anime adaptation of The World’s Finest Assassin, the animation companies had the luxury of choosing from three illustrious texts, including the novel, light novel, and manga. In the end, the light novel was the preferred source for an adaptation. As of February 2021, the text has only come up with six volumes in total. As per reports, noted that the first season ended up using only the first volume of the light novel. Thus, this leaves five volumes and the unpublished texts in line to get an adaptation.

Thus, it can be assumed that The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2 has more than enough source material to be renewed. In fact, if the series garners more praises, it might get flipped into a full-fledged franchise extending up to six seasons.

The World's Finest Assassin Season 2

What Will Be The Plot?

The upcoming plot of the second season of The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2 has quite a strange case. For reference, the overall story of Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru revolves around the life of a young assassin. Actually, young Lugh is the reincarnation of a world-famous assassin who lost his life in a plane crash. When the Goddess brought him back to life as the inheritor of an aristocrat, he must abide by the assassination missions that are assigned to him and his family.

A cornerstone subplot of the first season was the harem storyline. With Lugh finding trustable allies in the form of Tarte, Maha, and Dia, a love triangle was bound to follow. In the final episode, “Battle of Assassin,” Lugh managed to pass the mission of assassinating Dia. They disguised her as his younger sister and took her to the Tuatha Dé family. The season ended with the arrival of the main lead of the franchise. Hero, the Lord Epona Rhiannon, was finally coming back to the Kingdom of Alvan to set things right once again.

Now, The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2 will begin with Lugh, Dia, and Tarte commencing a new phase of their lives. The three of them are going to enroll in the elite Royal Knights Academy. This is where Lugh will encounter the boy who is destined to defeat the Demon King, Hero. With some brewing relationships and growing insecurities, the second season would pull the new story.

The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2: Release Date

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation on the return of the second season of The World’s Finest Assassin. But summing up all the facts and figures from the above-mentioned subheads would suggest that renewal is likely in a short while. While it seems likely that The World’s Finest Assassin Season 2 would be renewed this year itself, it can be assumed that the animation work would commence this year itself. Thus, the season will find a release window between the Winter to Spring 2023 slate.

This section will be updated with all the relevant information that comes in. Thus, keep an eye on this space to get more news flashes on the same.

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The World's Finest Assassin Season 2

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