Tokyo Ghoul Reboot: Anime Might Get A Reboot From Mappa Or Ufotable?

Tokyo Ghoul

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Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul came long back in September 2011. However, the hype over the brilliant manga series never died. The series soon got an anime adaption under the well-known Studio Pierrot. But truth be told, Tokyo Ghoul fans were never too happy with the animation. Many fans have claimed the ending of the series to be much low quality in level than the manga. Now, the beginning of this year saw many Tokyo Ghoul enthusiasts eyeing an anime reboot for the July 2014 series. So, will Mappa or Ufotable reanimate Tokyo Ghoul? Here are all the details.

The series is based on a manga of the same name. Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul is arguably one of the best anime in the community. However, many fans dislike the ending of the plot. The negative comments get further boosted on the subject of its low-grade animation in the final season. The series has a huge fan base, and the loyal fans have come alive once again, petitioning for a reboot under any of the top studios currently.

Tokyo Ghoul Reboot

Tokyo Ghoul Reboot: Fans Want The Remake Under Mappa Or Ufotable!

Ken Kaneki of Kamii University has been a fan favorite ever since he was brought into the anime world. Moreover, his story has found a deep place in the viewer’s heart. Kaneki leads a tragic life after getting transformed into a ghoul. However, soon resolves to end his suffering. Leading on to be a tragic story, Tokyo Ghoul concludes with a much sweeter and happy ending for the protagonist. The story has been loved worldwide and has finally raised petitions for a remake under AOT fame Mappa. The studio will soon launch another huge name, Chainsaw Man.

A much more prevalent petition calls for a remake under Madhouse. However, the fans seem to have had a change of mind this year. After watching the blockbuster episodes of Attack on Titan and the remarkable animation in Demon Slayer, fans are eyeing a reboot under either of these two studios. It is also notable that many Redditors prefer reading the manga over the anime, claiming the latter to lack the visuals as peculiar as the text. Adding to this, the manga has an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10, whereas the anime raises only a 7.

Tokyo Ghoul
Studio MAPPA

Will The Dream Ever Come True?

The chances of the famous dark fantasy ever coming alive again are very low at the time of writing. Moreover, Studio Pierrot owns the license of the series. Hence, if there is any studio that will get a chance to reanimate Tokyo Ghoul is none other than Pierrot, unless the studio sells its rights. If the possibility comes across and considering the hype and experience of MAPPA, the studio will surely bring a new version of Tokyo Ghoul to its fans. The series is likely to also gain an entirely new fanbase at its second go.

Tokyo Ghoul

An anime reboot is much more common in the industry than one might think. 1999 version of HunterxHunter was remade once again for a 2011 release. Meanwhile, Fullmetal Alchemist is one such name. Recently, Toei Animation has also remade the excessive popular series Sailor Moon. Hence, it is likely that the series will get remade if the mangaka desires. More importantly, if the fans want it, then anime fans might see a totally new version of Tokyo Ghoul. Previously, the series faced backlash due to it not following the manga and fast pacing. So, the new studio needs to keep these things in mind to bring out the best new version for the fans. All in all, it will take several years for the dream to ever become a reality.

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