Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: Draken Is Alive! Happy Ending? Everything To Know

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

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After a long wild ride, Tokyo Revengers finally ended. The ending may be what fans weren’t hoping for. And it has brought a mixed bag of feelings among the fans. Certainly, the manga series couldn’t manage to beat the likes of Steins;Gate, and other time-leaping series. But, for the most part, the plot was quite consistent. Time leaping in Tokyo Revengers didn’t seem to have any loopholes. The issue arises with the last two chapters. We have the whole Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained just for you! So keep reading.

Reddit users have shown their dislike of the ending. It completely wrecked everything the past 200+ chapters had built up to. Finally, the ending has left certain major plot concerns unsolved. Despite having its up and downs, Tokyo revengers have still managed to deliver a happy ending. But at what cost? Read below to find out all the details! 

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: Mikey Time Leaps!

The last two chapters of Tokyo Revengers showed how Takemichi and Mikey changed their futures. Both were hurled back in time after the final battle in Chapter 277. Thus, Mikey became a time leaper too. The two agreed to work together in order to change their awful fate. Takemichi and Mikey restarted Toman with others still alive in the past. The toman gang now had one extra founder. Together, they worked down every hurdle on their way.

Fast forward to the future, after evading all of the prior traps, the two disbanded the Tokyo Manji Gang. Thus, Mikey was able to keep his dark impulse from growing in this timeline. During this whole series of events, the manga presented very little to the fans. However, Mangaka Ken Wakui is planning to bring a special arc next year to explain what they actually did in the Toman Era that changed the future.

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

Takemichi Kept His Word?

Yes, Takemichi finally saved all. He kept saying that he would protect everyone from the start. Though, Fans were doubtful. Since a lot of characters, including Draken, had died. Anyway, Wakui finally delivers on the happy ending. Viewers were expecting it since the start of the series. But the course of events made it appear like a happy ending was out of the question. Many thought that Takemichi would die in Mikey’s hand. And that would be the end of it. But, in the new timeline, the two leapers were able to save everyone.  

Eleven years after Toman disbanded the gang, Takemichi finally married Hina. Draken, Baji, Shinichiro, and all other members are alive and doing well. Mikey is a pro biker. And Draken opened his own mechanic shop, as we saw in Bonten Arc. Draken and Emma are now married. They are expecting a child together. Shinichiro continues to run his SS bike shop since this time, Kazutora didn’t kill him. Inupi works under Shinichiro as an assistant. Baji and Kazutora are now in the health sector under Chifuyu. The Hatani brothers run a club. And Takemichi also befriended Hanma before they turned enemies. He is now a successful photographer. Naoto is now a journalist. This is obvious as he no longer needs to save his sister and be a detective.

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Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: Mixed Response From Fans?

Fans on the internet are not quite happy with the happy ending! The entire plot reversal made it appear as if everything fans read was tossed out of the window. Many felt like that Wakui had rushed through the ending. Viewers also showed letdown with Kisaki’s position in the new timeline. He was the antagonist of the show. But suddenly, Wakui chose to make him a supporting character. While others said that it was great that Takemichi befriended Kisaki. He always wanted to be a part of something.

Therefore, this worked as a rehabilitation for him. Then again, the ending doesn’t change the fact that Tokyo Revengers was iconic. It still has those heart-warming and memorable scenes. Would you recommend this shounen to others? Comment down below. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more such updates!

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