Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2: The Arrival Of The Transfer Student! Release Date & Plot

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2

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Our leading lady, Tomo, is pulling out all the stops in her pursuit of love. Last week, Tomo Chan tried to propose to Junichiro. However, he didn’t see her as a woman. And in a classic case of ‘guy-doesn’t-get-it,’ he mistook it as a general assurance of friendship. Thus, Tomo Chan sought advice from her friend Misuzu. But it turns out that trying to change yourself is harder than it looks. Will Tomo’s new ‘girly’ attitude lead to love or make everything awkward between the two? Here is all you need to know about Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2 plot & release date.

This week, we’ll see Tomo Chan navigate the ups and downs of high school life. She is trying to crack the code of teenage love. It’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded but with a lot more hormones and angst involved. But don’t worry, Tomo’s got this. Or does she? Keep reading to find out!

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2: What Will Happen Next?

In Episode 2 of Tomo Chan Is A Girl, Jun will put his superhero cape on. He will come to the rescue of his dear friend Tomo from a few stalkers. Jun’s chivalrous nature will be on full display as he fearlessly stands up for what is right and protects those he cares about. But things don’t stop there! The episode will also introduce a new character, Carol Olston, an eccentric transfer student from Britain. Carol is sure to shake things up in the show with her bubbly personality. 

But the real shocker comes when she reveals that she is engaged to Kousuke. This revelation will send ripples throughout the group. As if that wasn’t enough, Junichirou, the sensei of the group, will be teaching Karate lessons to Carol. She is eager to learn self-defense and discipline. The sight of Carol training under Junichirou’s tutelage might be too much for Tomo to handle. And she will start to feel like she’s losing ground as she starts to get insecure about herself.

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2

A Quick Recap!

The title of Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 1 was ‘I Want To Be Seen As A Girl!.’ After gathering courage, Tomo confessed her love to Junichirou. But he misconstrued it as a friendship pledge. One of Tomo’s best friends, Misuzu, advised her to act more feminine to charm Junichiro. Misuzu’s plan failed when they fought over a heated argument. On their way home,  Misuzu teased him about Tomo getting a lover. But he pushed her into the rain. Meanwhile, Tomo got all flustered when she realized she was under the same umbrella as him. 

Thus, she ran away. Junichiro caught up to Tomo, but he fled after seeing her figure under the wet clothes. The next day, Class B’s Mifune and Ogawa rudely requested Tomo to come behind the gym. The latter accepted the girl’s request, thinking it was a battle. But after finding out about Tomo’s immense power, Mifune and Ogawa were frightened. However, Tomo realized that Mifune and Ogawa actually wanted to ask her for help to get closer to her senpai, Kousuke. Tomo joyfully offered to aid them. Thus, the episode came to a close.

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2: Release Date

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 2 is airing every week in the winter 2023 anime slate. That’s right, every Thursday is ‘Tomo-riffic’ day as we follow her quest to charm Junichiro. The upcoming episode will release on January 12, 2023. Fans can watch the show on Crunchyroll. And for all the latest news and updates, be sure to stay tuned to The Anime Daily, your one-stop shop for all anime-related news. Let the countdown begin!

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