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Top 13 Boxing Anime

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The Sports genre has always been one of the most popular genres of all time. There are several kinds of sports shows, but Boxing and martial arts always leave an impact on the viewers. In particular, nearly all Boxing anime series are filled with thrilling action, and some of them also have really amazing plotlines. So, if you’re looking for some great boxing anime that will fill you with motivation and also gives you a great watching experience, we got you covered. So, here is the list of the Top 13 Boxing Anime of all time.

13: Ayane’s High Kick

The story of Ayane’s High Kick revolves around a girl named Ayane. She has only one goal, and it is to become a pro-wrestler. However, her trainer suggested that she should become a kickboxer instead of a pro-wrestler. Initially, she hated this sport, but she gave it a try. After that, Ayane realized that she was actually good at kickboxing. As a result, she regularly trained to become one of the greatest kickboxers. 

 Ayane's High Kick

12: Levius

Levius is one of those shows that featured a perfect blend of sports, survival, and sci-fi genres. The story of this anime took place after a war where the sport of mechanical martial arts is quite famous. Everyone who participates in this tournament transforms their bodies into a killing machine. Levius is one of these killing machines who must defeat other opponents in order to survive. The brilliant pacing and story of this show make this show one of the Top 13 Boxing Anime of all time.

Top 13 Boxing Anime

11: Baki

Baki is one of the most popular sports anime series. Its story centers around a guy named Baki Hanma, who only knows how to fight. His mother trained him in the martial arts, and that too in the harsh circumstances that drastically improved his skills. Baki has only one goal, and that is to surpass his father, who is an Ogre. Baki’s father is also recognized as the strongest man in the world. As a result, Baki left his home and went on a journey to become stronger so that he could go toe-to-toe against his father. 

Top 13 Boxing Anime

10: Megalo Box

The story of this anime centers around an improved form of Boxing known as Megalo Box. In this sport, fighters use mechanical limbs to use the speed and power of their punch. A fighter named Junk Dog earned money by this sport once faced the Megalo Box champion Yuuri. He faced a terrible defeat, but the latter challenged Junk Dog to come and fight him at the grandest stage. With this challenge, a new journey Junk Dog’s life started, and during this journey, he came across fighters he never thought he would face. 

Top 13 Boxing Anime

9: Rainbow

Rainbow is one of the highest-rated Boxing anime shows of all time. It is a story about Mario Minakami and his five other friends who used to be criminals. In the cell, they met a prisoner, Rokurouta Sakuragi, who is a former boxer. He guided all these criminal teenagers and changed their lives for good. It is one of the best sports anime and worthy of being a part of our Top 13 Boxing Anime of all time. 


8: Nozomi Witches

The title of this show certainly indicates that Nozomi Witches is a magical girls anime. However, that isn’t the case. This show follows the story of Ryuotaro Shiba, who moved into a new house. He doesn’t have any interest in Boxing, but he went on to become a boxer just because his beautiful neighbor Nozomi Egawam wanted her to pursue her dream.

 Nozomi Witches

7: Ring ni Kakero 1

The next title in the list of the Top 13 Boxing Anime of all time is Ring ni Kakero 1. The plot of this anime centers around two siblings, Takane Kiku and Takane Ryuji. They wanted to fulfill the dream of their later father. In order to do that, they need to claim the title of champion in the boxing arena. As a result, Kiku became a trainer, and Ryuji decided to hone his boxing skills. He decided to face as many rivals as he could to become a boxing champion. 

Ring ni Kakero 1

6: Rokudenashi Blues

Next up in the list of the top boxing anime series is Rokudenashi Blues. It revolves around a guy named Maeda who got into a new High School. He instantly caught everyone’s attention because of his nervous nature. Maeda also earned him a bad reputation as he hit a teacher, and that too in the entrance ceremony. As a result, several clubs tried to lure him. However, he refused everyone as he wanted to pursue his dream to become a boxing champion alone.  

Rokudenashi Blues

5: One Pound Gospel

Both the manga and the anime of One Pound Gospel are considered as one of the best Boxing series of all time. The story of this show revolves around Hanatanaka Kosaku. He has a great knockout punch but bad eating habits. Sometimes he even eats hamburgers before the match. Sister Angela, who is training to be a nun, helps Kosaku in his training so that he eats clean and becomes a boxing champion. 

Top 13 Boxing Anime

4: Slow Step

The fourth spot on our list of the Top 13 Boxing Anime is taken by Slow Step. It is a great show that features a blend of Boxing and romance. The show featured a love triangle between Minatsu, Shu, and Naoto. The latter is pursuing Boxing, but somehow, he gets involved in a love triangle. Soon, the series turned into a dramatic sports romance miniseries. 

Slow Step

3: Ganbare Genki

Ganbare Genki is one of the most inspirational Boxing series of all time. Its plot centers around a guy named Genki. Her mother died right after giving birth to her, and hence his father raised him. Genki desires to become a boxer just like his father. However, after the death of his father, his grandparents tried to stop him from pursuing this dream. However, he continued to train in secret and became a Boxing champion. The inspiring story of this show is worthy of taking the #3 spot in our list of the Top 13 Boxing Anime of all time.

Top 13 Boxing Anime

2: Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita no Joe)

It is impossible to talk about Boxing anime and not mentioning the name of Ashita no Joe in it. This is an inspiring story of a guy named Joe Yabuko who only knows how to throw punches. Joe was involved in a gang fight and caught the attention of a former boxing coach named Danpei Tange. Danpei began to train him, but the journey didn’t turn out to be easy for him as he continuously went back to his old ways. Some people even considered this show as a genre-defining series. So, it defines why Ashita no Joe got the second spot in our list of the Top 13 Boxing Anime. 

Tomorrow's Joe (Ashita no Joe)

1: Hajime No Ippo

Hajime no Ippo is not only the best Boxing anime but also one of the best anime series of all time. The best part about this show was that every single boxer has a unique backstory and skillset in it. The brilliant storytelling and great character development helped Hajime no Ippo cemented its place as one of the best sports series. So, it’s no surprise why this show is ranked at the no. 1 spot in our list of the Top 13 Boxing Anime of all time. 

Hajime No Ippo

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