Top Female Anime Characters of 2022

best girl 2022

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With many amazing anime titles in 2022, it was not an easy task to pick just one favorite character. Nevertheless, we did it by nominating a total of 20 female characters for the Best Girl of 2022 category. Each of them ranked in the top five in our seasonal polls and in case some of them appeared more than once in two separate polls we expanded the nominee pool to sixth place. A total of 66,658 votes were cast and the winner managed to stand out. So without any further ado, here are the results!

Kurumi Tokisaki cemented her status of te Best Girl with another win (she was the winner in the Spring 2022 season). Marin came in second and was followed by everyone’s favorite assassin – Yor Forger. Chisato was fourth and Anya’s adorable talents got her fifth place.

best girl 2022
“Best Girl” of 2022 – Kurumi

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