Tower Of God Season 2: Renewed But Production Delayed! Release Date & More

Tower Of God Season 2

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The world of speculation is expanding in size as the rumors about Tower Of God Season 2 grow in number. Well, you, as fans, do not have to believe in any of these speculations because we have gathered all the information that you will ever need. The good part is that the second season has already been renewed. But what lurks as a question for many fans is the fact that the season is taking too long in production. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about this sequel!

The following subheads talk about the final release date, delay in production, manga updates, and plot details of the new season. All in all, the renewal was announced by the animation company. But it seems like the COVID restrictions are causing a specific in its release!

Tower of god chapter 549Tower of god chapter 549

Tower Of God Season 2: Final Renewal & Latest Announcement!

The renewal announcement of Tower Of God Season 2 came out in the month of August 2022. And the final episode of the manhwa came out in July 2022. Since then, the market of updates has been barren. These updates came out from the official website of the anime and the text. And the second season itself was announced with the trailer launch. Fans are looking forward to hearing about the final release date of the new season. The following subheads have all the necessary updates that you are looking for!

Tower Of God Season 2Tower Of God Season 2

First Trailer Breakdown!

It has been seven months since the first announcement and release of the trailer. This was a ninety-second video that projects the release of the new season. Bam and Rachel unite in the first scene of the trailer. The bloodied body of Bam is also seen laying over Rachel. This means that the two are to perform tasks together in the next one. In addition to this, there are chances of seeing the addition of more such villains in the story.

In the scene after this, the first glimpse of Leviathan is seen. Here, Bam realizes that he has endless potential to fight and bring Rachel back from the dead. As the journey continues, he gets to meet more and more people along the way. There are kings and princes and princesses who show up to tell the boy what must be done. But the ultimate decision shall lay in his hands at last. The trailer closes with the logo of Tower of God Season 2! You can watch the trailer right here:

Tower Of God Season 2: Reception & Controversies!

The overall reception of the first season has been path-breaking in many ways. From the popularity to the viewership of the show, the numbers were pretty high. The same is suggested on the IMDb numbers of the show as well. In the latest reviews, Tower Of God’s first season has been rated a good 7.7 stars out of 10. The MyAnimeList score of the show is 7.56 stars out of ten. In addition to this, Anilist and Anime Planet also give the show a similar rating.

On is at a high of 4 on 5. And Crunchyroll gives it a rating of 4.7 out of five. Thus, as more time passes, more and more people will be able to watch the first season and raise the numbers to an even higher score.

Manhwa Compared To Anime: Manga Update

There are a total of 550 chapters in the entirety of Tower of God manhwa. Last year in July 2022, the last chapter of the manhwa came out, expressing that the text was to go on an indefinite break very soon. Since this chapter, there has been no word from the makers about this outing. However, even with half the material, there is more than enough source material from the text to bring a new season.

The debut season ended up using only the first 78 chapters from the manga. This means that the entire storyline can get an ensemble multi-season outing. But with a story this vast, there are chances that makers release new seasons only for the sake of promotion. Creating a story this big is risky work for any animation company. Thus, there is a bigger plan that Telecom Animation Film is working on.

Tower Of God Season 2Tower Of God Season 2

What To Expect Next?

The next season of Tower of God will open with an interesting plotline. Bam had to face one of the most heartbreaking betrayals in the last one. As a result of this, he will move forward with a completely different demeanor in the new season. Opening with the 79th chapter, Bam will get the information that Rachel was never the person to orchestrate any of the damage that was inflicted upon Bam. Instead, the enemy is someone who has not entered the story at all.

And soon enough, fans shall take a look into the life of Pinrcess Yuri. Being one of the prime characters from the manhwa, this Princess shall take time in winning Bam’s heart. Also, there is a lot more to explore as Bam goes along inside the tower. Almost everyone will know that Bam died in one of the tasks from the last one. However, it will be Princess Yuri will take a deeper look into the matter and claim that he is still alive.

Thus, two journeys will commence at the same time. And it will be interesting to see the time when these two journeys collide at the same time. A new friend who finds Bam along the way will be Ja Wangnan, who has been trying his best to overcome the barriers on the 20th floor. The story is expected to continue until the 140th chapter of the manhwa.

Tower Of God Season 2: Release Date

The final release date of the new season has not been announced with conformity. However, the makers were quick to release the release slate of anime. Tower Of God Season 2 is to come out in the latter months of 2023. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is more detail on this. Crunchyroll is expected to bring the season in the public domain. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates of this right here.

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