Transcension Academy Chapter 50: Lost in the Forbidden! Plot & Release Date

Transcension Academy Chapter 50

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Seo will have to choose sides as he uncovers the dark secrets of the academy!

In the last chapter, Mi-Young told Seo about a group of students who had gone missing from the academy. They had been last seen entering a forbidden area of the campus. And no one had heard from them since. Seo’s heart sank as he realized that the missing students were part of the group he had been investigating. Were they in danger because of him? Here is all you need to know Transcension Academy Chapter 50 release date & plot!

Next time, a lot of dark secrets about the academy will come to the surface. This may challenge Seo’s views towards the academy. Will he turn a blind eye to the academy’s secrets? Or will he join the fight against the false heroes that threatened the world? Keep reading to find out!

Transcension Academy Chapter 50Transcension Academy Chapter 50

Transcension Academy Chapter 50: What Will Happen Next?

In Transcension Academy Chapter 50, Seo will leave his meeting with the Dark Saint with a lot of questions on his mind. Shortly after, he will learn that a group of students will have gone missing from the academy, including some he was investigating. Seo and his friend, Mi-Young, will set out to search for them, but they will face obstacles and will discover a dark secret the academy has been hiding. 

Seo will be left with a choice to either turn a blind eye or join the fight against the false heroes that threaten the world. Feeling the weight of his newfound knowledge, Seo will decide to take a stand against the false heroes. He will begin to look for allies who share his beliefs and can help him uncover the truth behind the academy’s secrets. Meanwhile, the missing students’ sudden disappearance will have caused a stir in the academy, and tensions will be running high. Seo will know that the coming days will be critical and that he will need to act fast to stay ahead of the game.

Transcension Academy Chapter 50Transcension Academy Chapter 50

A Quick Recap!

In Transcension Academy Chapter 49, Seo met the infamous Dark Saint. The mysterious man was well-known at the academy, but few had seen him in person. Seo recognized him immediately, despite his obscured appearance. The Dark Saint accused Seo of associating with unsavory characters. Seo defended himself, and the Dark Saint eventually believed him. However, the man’s interest in his affairs still puzzled Seo. 

The Dark Saint revealed that he had lost faith in the so-called heroes who claimed to protect the world. He believed they were frauds who used lies to gain power and wealth. These false heroes came out clean, but the world was in danger as a result. As Seo listened to the Dark Saint’s words, he realized that he might be in a much larger conflict. He began to question the motives of the heroes he once admired and wondered what role he would play in the coming battle.

Transcension Academy Chapter 50Transcension Academy Chapter 50

Transcension Academy Chapter 50: Release

Fans will be able to catch the new chapter soon on Webtoon. The manhwa releases new chapters on weekly-basis. Transcension Academy Chapter 50 will release on Febaruary 28, 2023. For more updates, keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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