Trigun Stampede Anime: Promo Greenlits Winter ’23 Debut! Release Date & More

Trigun Stampede Anime

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The discussion was piqued when fans got to know that Trigun Stampede anime is far from over. And that the show is not a simple continuation of the previous series. Including how it will expand on Vash the Stampede’s personality, some concept art and a sneak peek are out in the public domain. The debut trailer for Trigun Stampede is out, and fans are going gaga over the new promo. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about it!

Despite the original show’s success with audiences and critics alike, a different group of people will be responsible for making the sequel. Kouji Tajima (GANTZ:0) is in charge of character design, and Kenji Mutou (Garo the Animation) is directing for Orange, the studio responsible for BEASTARS and Black Bullet’s animation.

Trigun Stampede Anime

Trigun Stampede Anime: New Promo Out!

Although “Trigun Stampede” isn’t out for a time, a trailer has given us our first official glimpse. And there’s a lot to dissect for a video teaser that runs only a little over a minute. Rem puts a young Vash and Knives in an escape pod in the trailer. The trailer then cuts between little Vash and the armed hero we know. But both versions of Vash are drastically altered. Studio Orange’s 3D CG animation keeps blond hair, huge orange eyeglasses, and a red jacket. But updates them with new details and animation techniques. You can check out the new trailer right here:

Cast & Staff Updates!

In addition to the premiere of Trigun Stampede at Tokyo’s Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, the voice actors will talk about their roles in the remake of the anime at a stage event. Kouki Uchiyama gives voice to Legato Blue Summers, the leader of the Gung-Ho Guns. Uchiyama has also given voice to Toge Inuyaki in Jujutsu Kaisen and Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia.

TARAKO, whose previous roles include Kirara in “Inuyasha” and “Mogonoma” in “Danganrappa,” will now play “Zazie “Beeb,” the Beast,” one of the most mysterious members of the Gung-Ho Guns. It will be interesting to see what magic these heroes bring to the screens!

Trigun Stampede Anime release

Trigun Stampede Anime: Release Date

The first anime show will air on Tokyo TV and other networks in January 2023. Beginning in January of 2023, the entire world will be able to watch the series on Crunchyroll. That’s what Yasuhiro Nightow says, anyway. The creator of “Trigun” stated that “Trigun Stampede” is not a continuation. This could give us a better idea of what the new show will bring. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there are more details on this. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates on this right here.

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